Chengdu Hua Ze cobalt and nickel materials Limited by Share Ltd semi annual report 2016 – Sohu secur

Chengdu Hua Ze cobalt nickel material Limited by Share Ltd 2016 semi annual report summary – Sohu 1 securities, important tips of the semi annual report from the semi annual report, investors want to know the details, should be read carefully simultaneously published in cninf or the Shenzhen stock exchange website China commission the semi annual report on the designated website. Company introduction, 2 major financial data and shareholder changes (1) the main financial data is due to changes in accounting policies and accounting errors and other retroactive adjustments or restatement of prior year financial data are (2) the top 10 shareholders of ordinary shares form: (3) the top 10 shares of preferred stock shareholders for table do not apply to the company reported no preferred stock shareholders. (4) the controlling shareholder or actual controller changes the controlling shareholder during the reporting period to change the controlling shareholder of the company during the reporting period has not changed. Actual controller during the reporting period to change the actual control of the company did not change the reporting period. 3, management discussion and analysis in 2016, iron and steel and nonferrous metals industry fundamentals have not improved, non-ferrous metals prices continued to slump, the general loss of the downstream industry. The company’s main business is the production, processing and sales of non-ferrous metals, minerals and related chemical products. In the face of the complicated and grim external macroeconomic and industry situation, company management pragmatic, one is to strengthen internal control, standardize management, timely internal self-examination; two is to lead the management team to actively implement the settlement fund appropriation of major shareholder, the company to reduce the financial risk; the three is to actively cooperate with the Silk Road financial asset management company limited to promote the restructuring work, to solve the problem of the company. Four is around the long quality, increase efficiency, security, solid progress of the work, to ensure the smooth operation of production and management. In production, management, project construction, internal management has made certain achievements. A compliance review, to prevent the financial risk of 1, a thorough investigation of related party funds, guarantee business, strictly implement the system to carry out extensive self correction within the company, held financial seminars, scrutiny of transactions with related parties are, and when the rectification error correction; strengthen the external security management system the specification approval authority at all levels, audit strictly in accordance with the general manager’s office, the board of directors of the company, the shareholders of the general assembly layers of approval authority, and the formation of written materials filed shall be disclosed in strict accordance with the requirements of the company timely disclosure announcement. 2, the implementation of the working mechanism, and actively promote the occupation of funds to solve the problem to hire an independent third party accounting firm to conduct a special audit of the capital occupation; monthly reminders also sent a letter urging, verbal reminders also urge every half a week, held a special meeting, the implementation progress, responsibility to the people, to ensure repayment schedule; at the same time to suspend all the controlling shareholder and the associated payment, all related parties have formed the payables as offset shareholder return funds allowance funds, has been implementing the repayment of 5 million. Two, implement the working group to actively cooperate with the advance of debt restructuring work相关的主题文章: