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Check "3 SSR  " onmyoji hellspawn worst; why SSR is the worst male deer? Fujian Channel – personal views, three nominees: 1 fish — Master Wang Arakawa: no reason other than the SSR, do not know than a white wolf called SR where both hands hurt each other’s core to accelerate the second stays crispy overflow, white wolf can also add the progress of second passive what the hell is also cut their own defense, look at Yaodao Ji, look at this, alas… In general is not weak, but as a SSR better than him too much output is explosive output, but too many alternatives to   2 do (not buff) — swallow Wine Boy reasons: some people say 4buff seconds seconds to swallow the wine day, output, without fire squad all-match, why people say that weak? The evaluation of a hellspawn cannot leave the game environment and use PVP, according to which we now have the wine to swallow the boy: 1PVP environment, have a cuckoo bird, mountain rabbit brace seconds seconds seconds. No cuckoo are large or single point in Tengu brace, solve several rounds of battle, not overlapping buff time. Although the all-match lineup, but a wave flow output (as most of the fire fee say the lack of fire please say a lack of fire squad with wine than with other good swallow = =), a law team died of various wave flow. Besides the 50% probability of buff, is a super soldier black face, no big egg. There is even worse a little wine swallowed by chaos after the second love is their nurse. 2PVE, I just want to say: the NetEase can not have a clear layer of a buff? But it is said that the former hundred wine swallow is very good, but rely on the stars and the Royal soul suppressed too, the Royal soul to give 6 children a water polo Galaxy killed one 5 star god…   3 teammates die I comeback — male deer assisted with the buff hand, after the awakening of the passive technology, but again, not good collocation lineup. Passive only icing on the cake only, if the other party to the timely assistance, our core seconds, to that buff is not good ah, but overall the use of small strokes PVE, rarely out of the 3 small strange beat boss, so the passive use of small, as he died three… PVP it out again, or cast, and wine is the same as male deer swallowed all-match… But how to take are strange, such as the most simple double brace rabbit mountain birds, a boxing brace sickle uranium Superman, musician, mountain hare (sickle uranium), birds (and wood), lighter, finally left a position, put your two male deer, birds or pose a punch out of wood the three on the end of the game, do not need male deer buff, if slow, is the second core wood or bird pose is of no use to sister, buff. Of course, personal view is not high, the lack of deep understanding of male deer, the other team has good can be put forward. (commissioning editor Yao Luying and Zhang Zijian)相关的主题文章: