CCTV 360 report shows that telecommunications fraud has become a public nuisance

CCTV: 360 report shows that telecommunications fraud has become a social nuisance – Beijing September 7th, CCTV news channel "1+1 news" of the "special report of telecommunications fraud, the need to work together to cure" recently a number of college students suffered due to telecom fraud death in-depth analysis. For telecommunications fraud, the largest Internet security company 360 days ago also released the "2016 China Telecom fraud situation analysis report". For the report, "1+1 news" said: "the data is shocking, telecommunications fraud has become a social nuisance!" According to the report statistics, in August 2016, a total of 360 mobile guards for the user to intercept all kinds of harassing phone calls for the first time, an average of about 111 million times a day to intercept harassing phone calls. Among them, a total of 445 million times to intercept telephone fraud, accounting for the total number of harassing phone calls to intercept the month of 13%, an average of about a day to intercept telephone fraud. We can see a large number of telephone fraud, alarming. Parties together in order to cure telecommunications fraud. In September 8th, China’s largest Internet security company chairman Zhou Hongyi in the guest "Tang" Leiyin Temple show, exposing means of telecommunications fraud, also said "nobody in telecommunications fraud can be spared." 360 company chairman Zhou Hongyi in recent years, the trend of high incidence of telecommunications fraud, fraud Gang increasingly shows organized behavior, scams also include financial fraud, identity fraud, illegal business for posing as fraud, false winning fraud and other forms of telecommunications fraud in the face of the complex environment, in addition to the need to improve safety awareness beyond a single subject also, the government, enterprises and individuals in various subjects to form a cohesive force, to combat telecommunications fraud. In recent years, 360 always adhere to cooperation with the relevant departments in the fight against fraud. At the end of August 2016, 360 with the Xiamen Municipal Public Security Bureau signed a strategic cooperation agreement, both sides will be "anti phishing alliance" and "hunting net alliance" of the depth of integration, the fight against cyber crime. Prior to this, 360 has been carried out with the Ministry of public security and the Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau launched a cooperation network hunting action. 2015, 360 to assist the relevant departments of the Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau arrested hundreds of criminals using pseudo base fraud. In addition, 360 mobile phone guards also against telecommunications fraud high trend, integrated a variety of technical means a comprehensive upgrade security risk alert mechanism, joint public security, operators, universities and the media jointly launched the "National Guard" plan, to telecommunications fraud "Say No!"相关的主题文章: