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Samsung 500 thousand new note 7 arrived in the United States on Wednesday began to replace the probl

Samsung 500 thousand new Note 7 arrived in the United States on Wednesday began to replace the problem of mobile phone technology Tencent news according to the "USA Today" reported that the battery of the existence of security risks of Galaxy Note 7 between Samsung Electronics and American consumers had a huge gap. Samsung Electronics said late Tuesday, for 500 thousand new mobile phone Galaxy Note 7 replacement plan has arrived in the United States, and will begin to change work on Wednesday local time. 2 this month, Samsung wireless division responsible Gao Dongzhen (D.J. Koh) held a press conference to apologize for cell defects on Samsung large screen new machine Galaxy Note7, and announced that it would recall problems of products in the world. Up to now, in the United States has purchased Galaxy Note 7 users, has been replaced by a mobile phone 25%. Samsung Electronics spokesman said, the vast majority of consumers choose to replace a Galaxy phone. However, the latest survey shows that many consumers in the first time to buy Galaxy Note 7 said they would avoid the phone in the two choice. The Internet research company SurveyMonkey on the weekend of 507 American adults conducted surveys found that in Galaxy Note already owns 7 of consumers, more than 1/3 said they choose a refund instead of a new mobile phone. The survey said, in the Galaxy Note already has 7 consumers, 35% pledged to refund, and 26% said it would buy iPhone, while 21% said they would choose other mobile phone, Samsung Electronics is only 18%, which is less than 1/5 of consumers said they will continue to use Galaxy Note 7. If consumers in the future action and its willingness to express the same words, Samsung Electronics may be due to the loss of money in the financial suffered no small loss, but also may lose millions of smart phone sales. In the last month, just released a few weeks ago, Galaxy Note 7 sales more than 2 million 500 thousand, is considered likely to debut earlier this month in iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus threat. Survey results show that Samsung Electronics will face a difficult time in the future. Analysts expect the global recall of Galaxy Note 7 may allow Samsung Electronics to pay the price of $904 million. Eric Fleming (Eric) is facing a difficult situation is the epitome of many Galaxy Note 7 users in. Fleming, 30, is a product manager in California, San Bruno. Although Fleming did not participate in the online survey, but he also expressed his emotions to the media: "I have no way. I will lose $200 to $300 due to the recall. I used to be a loyal user of Samsung Electronics for years, and now it’s disappointing." David, a brand expert at the Columbia School of business, (David Rogers), said the Galaxy Note 7 recall.相关的主题文章:

Hubei fugitive arrest details Transformation of multiple routes to escape home to sleep was arrested doat

Hubei fugitive arrest details: Transform multiple routes ran home to sleep when he was caught – Beijing today (29) around 1 in the morning, Hubei Caidian Prison Criminals to escape the Lei, 5 days later, was arrested in Hubei Chibi. It is reported that Lei Jun is 45 years old, Hubei Chibi people, because of kidney disease, September 19th, the Hanyang criminal Hospital of Wuhan city hospital diagnosis, surgery, escape from the hospital early in the morning of September 24th. The record had escaped with anti reconnaissance consciousness Lei Lei in the hospital is how to get rid of the guards escaped? He was in the hospital at that time what kind of environment? In fact, Lei Jun had escaped criminal record, and because the record was aggravating, because of this experience, Lei Jun showed a strong anti reconnaissance consciousness in the process of escape. Lei Jun ward near the nursing station door lock at Department of Urology in Hanyang hospital ward 408 criminal ward, he is the only one, in order to guard his door with lock, next to the nursing station ward. But he escaped after police did not see his shadow from the monitor, but found that he escaped in the initial trajectory followed by the transfer of city monitoring…… Lei Jun to take the black car across two provinces throughout the city with more than 1 mobile phone early in the morning of September 24th, Lei taxi arrived at the Wuchang Railway Station Wuchang district across the sailing Hotel disappeared, probably only need ten minutes from reporters today to escape the Lei Lei in line, after the transfer did not stop when they arrived in Xianning, followed by a series of arrival home in Chibi, at this time he did not stay, but arrived in Linxiang, and to take the black car, after crossing two province city, transfer times. In order to escape the police chase, Lei Jun did not use mobile phone in the escape process, showing his very strong sense of anti reconnaissance. The trial is Lei Jun, as to why he had just won the 11 months when choosing such commutation to escape, we can understand in May after the trial. Specific news CCTV news will continue to follow up the new media.相关的主题文章:

Farewell small mouth overflowing next year. Hai Qing Huang Lei dew mystery – Sohu entertainment onli 月丘うさぎ

"Farewell" small mouth overflowing "next year." Hai Qing Huang Lei online entertainment Sohu "small dew mystery -" Hai Qing Hai Qing Huang Lei and Hai Qing stills were social platform entertainment Sohu directed by Wang Jun, Huang Lei, Hai Qing, starring Zifeng Zhhang, TFboys starred in the urban family big emotional drama "little parting" ended in Beijing, Zhejiang satellite tv. In the audience shouted enough fun on the occasion, Hai Qing online posting said with you will meet again next year. Huang Lei, director Wang Jun all and everyone seems to make an agreement, "small separation" second point the day and await for it. Hai Qing micro-blog next year to see second days ago that creative collective, TV drama "farewell" finale aired on the Internet, Hai Qing drying out a photo of Huang Lei and Zifeng Zhhang, and with the text: "see you next year!" Many netizens have speculated that the small separation will broadcast second, and the director Wang Jun and Huang Lei have issued a document, said tomorrow will continue to lead the front. For the second part, it also has a lot of friends early when the "writer", to see Xiao Yu and blossoming marriage together, but also like shooting immigrants after life, and someone even said that the brain hole wide open cast film costume drama. And more users still do not care about what to say, as long as Huang Lei and Hai Qing, a pair of children and teachers, the number of sets will do. Hai Qing will be branded as a leading actor in the drama as a constant concern about the reality of the TV drama actress, Hai Qing for many years to create a lot of vivid characters. And through their performances to the public to show the real life of a certain group of people, causing public attention to the group or class. But this time, Hai Qing starred in "farewell" is such an educational theme drama, she will live in a large city in the middle class, that the children of hope, and is very down to earth for his own life, the expression of anxiety. In fact, the recent network drama, TV market have ushered in a sequel or season broadcast mode, this mode can be a TV products into full play, and in a certain basis to viewers, according to public opinion of reform and innovation. At the same time, the "separation" is played original signs, have experienced high quality works market inspection, professional security team, presumably this drama will shine in the TV market next year.相关的主题文章:

Li Yifeng Dongyu Zhou TV prime time where I belong

TV prime time: Li Yifeng Dongyu Zhou qingguihechu [Abstract] "sparrow" near the end; "rouge" hit, Zhao Liying to complete the task of latent tortured lead: after so long, "sparrow" is near the end, cold-blooded devil Yin Zheng step by step, not only will be exposed undercover CP identity, also implicated the Communist Party Lurk "doctor". A heap of sugar Ruoyun usher in good Friday, Yin is suffered torture, finally he can successfully escape? The identity of the mysterious "doctor", let Li Yifeng who is he really be frightened and change color,? And the peak how theemotions wisp contact? There are feelings of twists and turns along the way Li Yifeng and Dongyu Zhou, which can escape the first love of the crazy chase 76, ushered in their happiness? "The Tencent" video of the hit! Open the video Tencent, at any time to see > > Zhao Liying for the completion of tasks lurking tortured distressed Ying Bao become the theme of the week! In order to successfully enter the latent Japanese spy agencies, Zhao Liying suffered inhuman torture, not only was beaten and thrown in full is badly bruised from flogging, insulting a photo of the room, to bear the psychological torture. But fortunately, Lu Yi has been around to take care of her, the relationship between the two is also increasingly close, but this once again provoked the hair of the Tao Xinran, because she loves him. So tangled complex story, only in Tencent video and Oriental TV Oh ~ open Tencent video, at any time to see > > the bottom of the struggle history! The three generation of energy-saving seven years IP fermentation showed "Chen Ergou’s ingenuity, evildoer life" is a feudal war drama adaptation of the original name! Tells the story of the story of Chen Ergou based on the bottom of the crowd in the big city between the blood by the inspirational story. Focus on the little man, release the energy. The play focuses on the four families of Crossed Destinies thisdelineates a legendary life, with little people being ideal of heroism. Movie level service of blessing, the combination of fine grinding force. A grassroots struggle history, the three generation of energy-saving, "China type lakes" in October 10th will be kicked off, the Tencent video of the whole network independent broadcast in the first quarter, VIP members see the complete works. Open the Tencent video, at any time to see > > Li Zhongshuo broke the wall to the real world is not just a week in the filial piety! Li Zhongshuo finally came to the real world! Wuli clock master that he is how Obama a cartoon character’s reaction? Why he and his father’s strike violently? To learn about the real Li Zhongshuo finally jumped downhearted, the Jiangde sink. "W two world" Tencent video network exclusive online! Open the video Tencent, at any time to see > > eight U.S. junior pilot constellation war! Many years ago, the world was 13 with super capacity of the constellation Ophiuchus the ruling family, too poor to love others by capture ability, other signs from exile, contact her, concentrate on the development of GOP… Do you think… They want anonymity, is to more and take revenge! This rich constellation specifically for the heirs and the establishment of the school of "super star", became the outbreak of the war. Two rich generation to Cinderella, blood brothers mutual enmity, family strife… Sounds..;相关的主题文章:

Three production and residents living electricity power the first three quarters of electrici diqua

Electric force   three production and living; the first three quarters of consumption grew 4.5%  – energy – October 13 Beijing Xinhua (reporter Du Yanfei) in October 13th, the NDRC spokesman Zhao Chenxin said at a news conference, the first three quarters of this year, the total electricity consumption of about 43885 kwh, an increase of 4.5%, growth picked up 3.7 percentage points over the same period last year. Among them, in September, the total electricity consumption of about 496 billion 500 million kwh, an increase of 6.9%, the growth rate rebounded sharply by the year of 7 percentage points. Zhao Chenxin said that in the first three quarters of the year, the first, the two or three industry and residents living electricity consumption grew by 4.8%, respectively, year on year, 2%, and 11.6%, respectively, the growth rate rose by 2.1, respectively, year on year, 2.9, and 7 percentage points, respectively, an increase of 4.1. Among them, the third industry and the total electricity consumption for the whole life of the impact of the growth of electricity consumption reached 66.7%, much higher than the electricity consumption of the second industry of 31.3%, further optimize the electricity structure. In the third industrial electricity, information transmission, computer services and software industry, electricity consumption grew by 15.3%, electricity business grew by 10%, accommodation and catering industry, electricity consumption grew by 12.7% in real estate, finance, commerce and residential services. The month of September, 3 industrial electricity consumption grew by 17.1%, respectively, and 15.5%, respectively, an increase of 14.5%. From the power situation, affected by the runoff pianku influence, hydropower generating capacity of negative growth, power generation growth picks up, nuclear power generating capacity to maintain rapid growth. Preliminary statistics, in September the national thermal power, nuclear power generating capacity grew by 12.2% and the same period of last year, respectively, hydropower generation capacity fell by 12.8% year on year, respectively. The first three quarters of the national hydropower, nuclear power, thermal power generation grew by 9.6%, respectively, and 23%, respectively, an increase of 0.9%. The industry believes that the third industrial electricity consumption continued to grow, which is the continuation of the improvement of China’s electricity structure since last year. Analysis of the 2016 annual national power supply and demand situation according to the CEC released "forecast report", last year China’s chemical industry, building materials, ferrous metal smelting, non-ferrous metal smelting four high energy consuming industries total electricity down 3.4%, main driving force of the growth of electricity is from high energy consumption to the third industry and electricity conversion industry, reflects China’s structural adjustment and transformation and upgrading effect. (commissioning editor Du Yanfei and Wang Jing)相关的主题文章: