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The four door is still installed villa repeatedly stolen master monitoring after the

The four door is still installed villa repeatedly stolen master monitoring after told the truth since July this year, Ms. Zhang Jiangyan city Jinhu Bay Area repeatedly found his bag of cash rather baffling less. Ms. Zhang’s villa and consists of 4 doors, a thief how easy it is to come in? Until a month ago, the couple from the monitor to see the house into a strange man, realized that the 4 door is still not fangzei. Ms. Zhang, who lives in Jinhu Bay area of the villa area of Jiangyan. The evening of October 7th, Ms. Zhang finishing package items, found a few face value of 100 yuan supermarket card disappeared. This happened in the past, she always thought it was stolen outside, but this time, she was determined to be at home less, because in the afternoon of October 6th, she finished packing, a lot of supermarket cards. Her husband Mr. Chang suggested that access to home monitoring the look. The couple immediately access to surveillance video, found in late October 6th 7, a strange man sneaked into the house, 4 minutes left. The couple feel bad, further examination found that several cases of stolen wine collection in the storeroom of the thousands of yuan in cash; put in the bedroom bedside table is gone. Subsequently, the couple to the district police station report. According to Ms. Zhang recalled that since July this year, the family property loss occurred 4 times, a total loss of more than 10000 yuan. In July 30th, she found only 300 yuan in the wallet, only $6000; in August, one day, she was in the bag of $1000 in cash was gone; in September 5th, she put in the wallet of less than $three hundred or four hundred in cash. Ms. Zhang said, no matter who, to her villa, must through the 4 door, so several times before home less money, she and her husband did not believe home into a thief. After several days of continuous Mopai visit, found a 38 year old man who lives in the south of Jiangyan dimou has a major crime suspects. In October 21st, dimou family persuaded to surrender to the public security organs. On October 6th, dimou burglary confessed to the crime. According to the evening of October 6th, dimou confessed that he was riding electric cars came to the bay area of Jinhu, to the familiar villa. Although the villa has 4 doors, but only the outside of the door slightly need little effort to pry the 3 door latch, the other looks are closed, in fact, a push to open. The day before, the suspect dimou arrested for theft, prosecutors approved the arrest according to law. Ms. Zhang learned that home repeatedly stolen the truth, only see light suddenly rushed to 4 door, home, all equipped with anti-theft lock. The police said, near the end of the year, according to the usual security situation of burglary crime rate will rise, the public should also improve security awareness. Many families in order to prevent thieves burglary, the installation of the fence. But note that the space fence should be less than 15 cm, the protective bar should be appropriate to put some cacti, bells and other objects, in order to increase the difficulty of the thief. The anti-theft door must be locked, especially at night must lock on the insurance, the best replacement of class B or class B lock core; when conditions permit, the public can be installed in the door or the infrared alarm anti-theft window.相关的主题文章:

The first payment of more than one million default purchase-pp点点通2006

The first payment of more than a million million default abandoned purchase 9· 30 new deal has been introduced since half a month, Beijing second-hand housing market showed signs of cooling. To improve the type of buyers, Shoufu ratio increased to become that they do not exceed the past kaner. Maybe just signed drag on so few days, one family wards plan suddenly lost. As for the intermediary, curb market demand undoubtedly have a significant impact on their business, and since this year the Department of housing intermediary industry orders sound thorough, also makes the intermediary very careful. With the further penetration of the policy, the future of second-hand housing market in Beijing or will continue to enter the adjustment period. Two to 30% customers to delay or cancel the "wards of the first set of ordinary housing Shoufu not less than 35%, two suites down payment of not less than 50%, two sets of non ordinary housing down payment of not less than 70%." In September 30th, Beijing introduced a new housing policy, to a large number of second-hand housing transactions is hard in both poured a bucket of cold water. "A 7 million house overnight to Zhaobu out of 2 million 800 thousand yuan to pay first." When it comes to the most recent wards experience, Ms. Tang feel frustrated. MS Tang home in Shijingshan has two sets of two bedroom. This year with the little girl home longer, Ms. Tang, the couple decided to put in the hands of small Liangju sell, looking for a suitable three bedroom, convenient and the elderly to live. A few months, the second-hand housing in the same area down, they saw a set of age is not short of three bedroom house, 7 million yuan, down 2 million 100 thousand yuan. Although the house is not new, but the matching, traffic is still satisfied, I would like to set the house first. Watching the market before the end of the fire, my house will not slow down the speed of the two bedroom." MS Tang so intend, and through the intermediary and the owners signed a purchase contract, pay a deposit of 200 thousand yuan. Who knows that the Internet has not signed, Beijing’s 9·, 30 new deal will suddenly airborne. According to the requirements of the new deal, Ms. Tang set down three rooms belonging to the non ordinary residential, but also the family’s two suites, down payment ratio immediately increased to nearly $5 million. On the other hand, affected by the policy, many buyers choose to wait and see, Ms. Tang is now living in the two bedroom has not shot, even if the house is now sold, not enough to pay the down payment suite". After discussing with the family, Ms. Tang decided to breach, a million more than a million down payment, this is no way". In the current wards led to the second-hand housing market, the situation is not a few similar MS tang. Central Plains real estate research center statistics show that second-hand housing buyers in Beijing crowd, the proportion of single chain in 2016 as high as 45%, which is to buy a house to buy a house to improve the proportion of buyers accounted for nearly 50%. In this case, the impact of changes in credit policy on the market is very large. Beijing property market regulation and control of the second-hand housing market in Beijing, one of the short-term impact, is a significant increase in cases of breach of contract and disputes." Chain home Institute report on the recent market so analysis. The reporter learned that, since September 30th, Beijing has introduced the new deal, the phenomenon of termination of second-hand housing market from time to time. And I love my family相关的主题文章:

Fishing boats in the waters of Dalian, 10 winds were trapped helicopter rescue (video)-rosstallanma

Dalian sea fishing in 10 winds trapped rescue helicopter dispatched on October 26th morning, "Liao Ying Yu Yun 25029" fishing in the road to the north of Dalian near the sea 60 miles when propeller is wrapped around the anchor, the ship in distress, 3 people on board, in Shandong, Penglai’s Ministry of transport Beihai first aid flight team deployed to Dalian on duty the first time the implementation of the air rescue helicopter dispatched rescue, 3 fishermen pull through. 25 afternoon, the Ministry of transport Beihai first aid flight team B-7312 professional rescue helicopter in the success of Shidao 100 miles southeast of sea rescue "in Liaoning fishing 15115 fishing boat fishermen a sudden cerebral thrombosis. The 26 day at 5:40 in the morning, the Ministry of transport Beihai first aid flight team base in Dalian by the Ministry of transport Rescue Bureau of Beihai rescue command: "Liao Ying Yu Yun 25029" fishing in the road to the north of Dalian near the sea 60 miles when propeller is wrapped around the anchor, the ship in distress, 3 people on board, in case of emergency, please promptly send professional a helicopter to rescue. Ministry of transport, Beihai, Dalian, the first rescue flight team immediately launched rescue procedures. Base on duty quickly dispatched, the crew do approach pre flight checks to provide protection for the takeoff, flight attendant on duty in conjunction with the unit plan. 6:20, B-7309 professional rescue helicopter took off from Dalian airport rescue waters. Dalian base flight personnel on duty uninterrupted contact with the Liaoning provincial maritime search and rescue center, will gain access to the latest position of vessels in distress timely notification to the unit, 6:50, B-7309 rescue helicopter to go to Smolensk over fishing. The wind reached 10, the wave reached a height of 5 meters. Closely with the big waves, the ship shaking violently and other unfavorable factors, overcome the crew, winchman firmly command of captain control helicopters, manipulated the lifeguards on the fishing boat winch smooth bow deck, the lifeguard arrived after the use of life set in the double deck high rope guided by 2 times to 3 fishermen in distress rescue the helicopter. Subsequently, B-7309 professional rescue helicopter to return to Dalian, 7:35, helicopter at the Dalian airport landing, 3 persons in distress rescued at the Dalian airport. 25 afternoon, the Ministry of transport Beihai first aid flight team B-7312 professional rescue helicopter transition to Weihai airport, 100 miles southeast of Shidao in the success of sea rescue "Liaoning fishing 15115" on board a cerebral thrombosis, coma fishermen. At present, the sick fishermen have been sent to Weihai City People’s Hospital of Wendeng, stable condition. Fishing boat rescue helicopter rescue team in the wind and waves相关的主题文章:

England legend behind Guardiola Hart 1 deadly more in name than in reality-spyair

England legend behind Guardiola: Hart 1 deadly   more in name than in reality;       Guardiola took an army first dismissed the two chiefs of the city dressing room: Johat and yayatoure sina sports news Johat was ousted, went to Serie A Turin, let the world see an army of Guardiola. As one of the best goalkeeper in the world, the England international goal in fighting techniques is natural but his long distance no ground for blame, COSCO is hard into Guardiola’s eyes, because of this, Guardiola did not hesitate to hit tens of millions of euros from Barcelona has bought more years at the age of 33, Chile goalkeeper Bravo. Over the past half a month, almost all of England for Johat suffered injustice, that the Manchester City Club legend should not be treated. But recently also have some different voices, before the legendary England goalkeeper Hilton, believes that Johat is a "player more in name than in reality". I always do not agree, Johat’s real strength of the people as powerful as legend." Hilton gave his younger people poured cold water: "I don’t deny that he is good, but when you are facing a big game or the choice of life and death scenes, judge a great goalkeeper whether standard, is the number of times he made mistakes, unfortunately, in the Johat occupation career, such the number of cases and a lot of mistakes. Take the European Cup for the first time, he made two fatal mistakes in the last 3 games." "I still don’t understand is that he has played for England 60 games, which is also the competition experience, but also why people always said that he on this occasion too nervous, if you are in the accumulated 60 national team experience, you still do not know what to do, so certainly, what’s wrong, I think he is too nervous. Now, men in Guardiola, Johat’s real pressure, he not only have to face the competition, but also to be abandoned." "Sometimes a great goalkeeper needs three to four hands under the door will be available for selection, so as to make a reasonable choice, who finally stood in front of goal." Hilton finally behind Guardiola. (Alduin)相关的主题文章:

Le and Ledu tiger triplets baby national day will meet in Chongqing, windows and

Le and Ledu "tiger triplets baby" national day will meet in Chongqing, windows   and     tourists; Chongqing 30 September, National Day coming, Chongqing Yongchuan music and Ledu animal world just full moon baby tiger and lion cubs will meet in the most adorable state in National Day and tourists friends. It is understood that the probability of the white tiger snow tiger was 1/100000, the occasion coincides with the arrival of the national day, it is very rare.   according to the keeper Shen Fa said: this music and Ledu fine pedestrian area is completed, the ad hoc for tourists to walk a broad area, the site inside, for the lion, tiger exercise pool, ladder, swing, and constantly improve the green make their living environment better here, the white tiger mother through adaptation to the environment, their own health status is also very good, especially milk enough, so the three tiger baby body condition are also great.   for National Day celebrate the arrival of the lion, tiger animal keeper gave the baby to take a common code named "Le toot", because this year’s national music and Ledu will host a large-scale "rattling clap Music Festival", and Ledu’s new master "Le beep" is in accordance with the lion, tiger baby the prototype design, they will bring together the feelings of joy and happiness! (Chen Qi Wang Chengjie) to (Chen Qi, commissioning editor: Zhang?)相关的主题文章: