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Why do you eat your baby? – the 1 year old mother and child within the Sohu always like to eat hands, which, some mothers worry. In fact, one year old baby to eat the hand, is the normal performance of the mouth, if the parents too much to stop, will cause a delay in the mouth desire, is not conducive to the development of the baby. Why do babies eat hands? The first year after birth, the baby becomes " oral " is the first stage of personality development. They strongly need a sense of security and a strong need for sucking, especially at bedtime. For newborn babies, sucking fingers is normal: on the one hand can give the baby to bring comfort, reduce anxiety; on the other hand, the baby had a sucking reflex and demand, is not the same as the suction finger the satisfaction and the feeling of milk, so even eat, the baby will suck finger. 1 year old baby to eat the benefits of the baby within one year of age, eating hand is an inevitable stage of growth and development. Eating hands is the best way to learn about the world and the world. Do not let the baby within four years of age may hinder the development of children, less than the following benefits, will make the baby stupid oh! 1, the world’s first cognition and confidence because the infant baby is to see the world through the mouth. If the parents in the three months to start blocking the baby to eat hand, baby’s mental development will be affected is very large, grow up to become suspicious, timid and lack of self-confidence. 2, happy and stable mood for the little baby, eating hand can eliminate the baby’s restlessness, irritability, tension, with sedation. Sucking fingers can bring him comfort, they can start sucking fingers, get some sort of pleasure, even if the mother is not around, he can not eat nipple reassurance. 3, the more you eat the more clever baby in the hands of eating, can strengthen the sense of touch, smell and taste stimulation, promote the development of the nervous function, which is a signal of the development of baby intelligence. 4, exercise hand eye coordination to eat finger coordination exercise baby hand flexibility and hand eye. Special reminder: less than 1 years old baby does not suck the finger is not normal. Sucking is a normal phenomenon in the process of each baby’s growth, if the baby in the home to 6 months old, there is no finger sucking behavior appears, it may be abnormal behavior. Parents need a lot of observation, and even try to hold the baby’s hand, put his mouth, let him try to take a look. 1 years old baby eat hand how to do? Baby to 4, 5, June age, under the guidance of parents learned to use their hands, seize what will be sent to the mouth. My parents began to tangle, not afraid of poisoning what health ah, ah, but bad gums and so on. In fact, I want to congratulate parents: the baby and progress! Their coordination ability has been further developed. Parents need to pay attention to the choice of easy to clean the toys, to maintain good health. If you do not let the baby to eat during this period, the mouth is not satisfied, will make the baby’s psychological development in the future, may lead to the baby’s future相关的主题文章:

Guangming Daily webcast, adults have the responsibility to do a good demonstration – View – People’s

Guangming Daily: webcast, adult has the responsibility to do the demonstration – View – Webcast: original title: adults has the responsibility to do the demonstration school season, according to media reports, a broadcast platform, wearing uniforms three girls Wang Fang (a pseudonym) broadcast school, attracted onlookers. According to the disclosure, previously, Wang Fang was performing vulgar and pornographic dance be penalized, followed by a live broadcast platform. In this regard, the school said has been interviewed and advise the students, students do not support the use of live function. Similar to Wang Fang campus anchor on the network platform is not uncommon. A little extreme example is that a six year old girl at home in the answer to the question of whether to write homework, actually said: parents agree to live, do not have to look good homework." Such a response would be a little unsettling. Of course, many problems are exposed nowadays network broadcast increasingly younger age. When the "Red Net" has become a trend, when the "attention economy" has affected the minors, and influence their behavior, and how to educate and guide children correctly understand the network, understanding is not determined by the external world adult world? Means of closure, may be the most simple and effective air etc.. Moreover, it seems to be able to find a sufficient reason, in line with the community has always been the disposal of minors. For example, children are mentally immature, lack of life experience, the identification ability is poor, easy to have an ulterior motive for people and institutions induced by bad, if not to be deceived, steeped in among them, and also to form the correct world outlook, values and outlook on life. However, this operation is too simplistic, it is difficult to isolate the children and the world’s desire to communicate, and normal communication should not be cut off. On the one hand, as a new cultural participation way, live network no threshold, does not require complicated qualifications, as long as each person willing to be the protagonist, can express their views, such as "free", apparently have a strong attraction. In particular, for the current academic heavy children, it is a kind of participation, as it is a psychological release. On the other hand, the outside world is there, whether it is looking around, or random glance, it was impossible to get from the outside "temptation" disappear. And do everything possible to block, so that children can not see the real world, not as much tolerance, understanding of the mentality, to accept them. After all, in the information age, communication and communication is the norm, it is impossible to close. On this issue, any package nanny mentality, is undesirable, it is impossible to truly let the children away or isolated from the external links. Everyone has the desire to demonstrate and self realization, which is understandable, nor excessive tension. What needs to be done by the adult world is not a ban, but a guide in the process, and a norm in participation. In fact, it is also the general law of the mutual influence and infiltration between culture and individual, and it is no exception in the Internet era. In addition, the most important thing is that the adult world should first take care of themselves, take care of their own network space, and resolutely put an end to the vulgar)相关的主题文章:

Driving a cell phone or a driver’s license revoked the British government to implement zero toleranc

Using a mobile phone or driving license was revoked for the British government to implement zero tolerance strategy of Tencent Automobile News Beijing on November 10th news, according to the AutoCar website, according to the new regulations implemented next year, the British driver to drive the use of mobile phone if checked, they may be revocation of the driving license. The penalty will be officially implemented in early 2017, the government’s zero tolerance Ordinance will also reduce the chance to participate in illegal driving lessons. The minimum penalty for driving a cell phone is 6, which is a factor of 2 times the current penalty. The amount of the fine will be doubled from $100 to $200. British Minister of relevant departments, said before the end of 2016 will open dangerous driving course consulting services. Although since 2011, the number of drivers to use mobile phone during the British and the car has fallen by 84%, British Prime Minister Teresa (Theresa May) · Mei said, I hope this behavior in the whole society is not acceptable. Three months ago, on the highway A34, a truck driver in driving to see the phone, hit another car, resulting in a family of four unfortunately died in a traffic accident. Three months after the accident, the British government issued the new regulations. Many of Britain’s road safety leaders have expressed concern about the use of mobile phones while driving. The driver and vehicle cargo transportation association policy chief Ian · Gallagher said: "there is a risk of driver occupation at work, many of our members have zero tolerance policy on the implementation of these Regulations of illegal workers." "The changes in these policy proposals should, in a way, allow all drivers to take into account the consequences of their violations." The British Motors Insurance Corporation Sheilas’ Wheels public relations department director Elmar · Banks said: "despite repeated warnings about these problems and carry out promotional activities, but the driver of the car seems to still hold" will never happen to me "attitude, to continue to use the mobile phone in the car." These people not only endanger their lives, but also endanger the safety of passengers, other drivers and pedestrians."相关的主题文章:

Two child era against ” nursery shortage ” 2021 is expected to close nearly 110 thousand bree daniels

Two children age " kindergarten shortage " in 2021 the gap is expected to nearly 110 thousand from the beginning of 2019, the demand of preschool education resources began to increase in 2021 to become the future running pressure of preschool education in China the largest year. In the long run, the role of a comprehensive two child policy is still unable to reverse the trend of pre-school children to reduce school-age children. There is a huge gap in preschool teachers, and the problem of teachers is less prominent than preschool education park is not enough funding and other issues. 2021 ~2035 years, the overall two child policy effect began to weaken, pre-school education should focus on improving the quality of school. Since January 1st this year, the full implementation of a couple can have two children policy (referred to as a comprehensive two child policy) formally implemented. However, in the hope that "two children" policy to alleviate China’s low birth rate, low birth rate and aging problems at the same time, the basic and overall influence on the educational field of our country changes we have to pay attention to "two children" policy caused by population. Therefore, after a full two child policy implementation, were studied in the field of education is the urgent need in the field of education, the school changes section of students scale for prediction and analysis, advance education resource planning, actively respond to the impact of "two children" policy. Among them, pre-school education as a starting point in the field of education, can guarantee a comprehensive two child policy to increase the school children start together? In the comprehensive two child policy under the influence of pre-school education existing school buildings, teachers, funding and other resources are sufficient to bear the pressure of school-age children enrolled? If you can not clarify the comprehensive two child policy brought about by the above problems, preschool education planning and rational allocation of educational resources is a huge obstacle. Therefore, the education sector and decision-making departments are committed to solve these problems as soon as possible. In this regard, we are in the key program of the National Social Science Foundation funded system based on the system of the integration of urban and rural education and social support, to the methods of population forecast based on "preschool education comprehensive two children under the policy of" Kindergarten Teachers’ scale, scale and cost burden to predict and compare the educational resources of preschool education in China’s existing. Analysis of the contradictions of education supply and demand, and puts forward specific measures to deal with the "preschool education comprehensive two children" policy, in order to provide some reference for preschool education resource planning. Today’s topic: you will want to have a second child? Put your views to our WeChat public number Q treasure pioneer background, have the opportunity to get a beautiful gift! In 2021, after the two child era will usher in the peak years of admission due to 2016 the formal implementation of "comprehensive two children" policy, the first born as a result of "comprehensive two child policy for children will be in 3 years later in 2019 reached the age of admission to preschool education. The prediction of "comprehensive two child policy will start to affect the preschool education stage school-age children from 2019, 2019 to 2021 for" comprehensive two children "policy and the new preschool education of school-age children increased rapidly after growth began to fall. Among them, in 2021 or so, a comprehensive two child policy for pre-school children to expand the scale of school-age children.相关的主题文章:

Screen Fox poster Trailer announced Luo Yunxi fox entertainment Sohu – Butler incarnation

"Screen" Fox poster Trailer announced Luo Yunxi incarnation fox – Sohu Luo Yunxi entertainment more than a click to enter [Yan HD Photo]   Sohu entertainment news today, by Luo Yunxi, Liu Xinqi, Huang Junjie, Wang Zhaoyang, Hao Zejia starring, Sohu video produced Web Series "screen" Fox released the Official Trailer and the new version of the poster, beautiful fantasy style etc. so many viewers yibaoyanfu. "Network drama screen Fox" is a male fox and fell in love love love fantasy martial arts film, trailer opening with a clear look at the clues, the first would be just perfect the relationship between characters manifested the fate of men and women and the main character of three such disputes for the whole increase of Tim color. "If we have the next life, I hope we can still meet", "I don’t want the afterlife, whether it is ten year, or thousands of years, I am going to be with you" comment: this would be a sweet tooth love story. Indeed, sweet love, the perfect ending is that everyone wants to see, "Fox network drama screen" did not tell the story of how, but only the fearless of death for a just cause for justice, love the main line, the subversion of the traditional human fox fell in love, is another breakthrough on the fox series. Had to praise screenwriter Cao Xiaotian hole open, take a look at it. The female Lord Zheng Xuejing is a bold personality, dare to love and hate, occasionally some female artist subtly malicious in the capital, operating a screen shop handed down, suddenly suffering from the disease, while in the two’s cheating boyfriend bestie, married that night, her heartbroken drunk into a different world in the crevice the tavern, get the Royal Xian pen. This is the beginning of the story, see here we will think of the main male appeared! You’re right! Zheng Xuejing lifted the three handsome male fox in the screen, they are different in character, character were high cold aloof, million years of red fox red face wind evil Yu Yan, adults gentle sedate, spring sunshine smile white water white fox Sheng, adorable cute, like a gluttonous naughty black brother next door Firefox black, three male and a strange combination of circumstances, Zheng Xuejing Fox and signed a contract, so the four opened a mystery tour. On this trip, the feelings of the four major changes have taken place. The trailer can be seen in the Kawa Mio red fox red Yan Yu wind agitated adults on female attitude from the beginning of the main conflict and aversion to the last of his wound, save Zheng Xuejing, the great change is through the love story. While the other two "manservant" in Zheng Xuejing’s love is also love or friendship is affection, the story many clues, emotional, writer’s intentions thus. There are heroes and villains in almost all of the love story, Yu Yan in the face of new love and love don’t appear to have more tangled, seemingly cold ice face, but the heart of love is full of yearning, it can adjust the clothes for him in the Zheng Xuejing plot shows a small eyes revealed the inner world of people that is the kind of simple. The play will be fantasy, love, love, warmth, romance and other elements combined, not only in the content to give you a refreshing feeling, in the production of special effects, but also to invite top team,相关的主题文章: