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Russell scored 33 points to win the Lakers did not debut Chinese boy 14 points (video)

Russell 33 points and the Lakers can win a Chinese boy did not debut 14 [collection] Denver 115-124 Lakers Russell storm cut 33 points and the team to win the Tencent sports news October 10th Lakers preseason 124-115 beat Denver, Chinese player Yi Jianlian failed to debut. Dean Russell Giraud 19 throw in 13, had 33 points and 3 assists and 3 steals, "Chinese boy" Emanuel – Mudie scored 14 points and 4 rebounds and 7 assists. Russell: the best leadership style – DeAngelo Russell in October 8th after the Lakers lost 97-101 to Luke – Walton Denver, praised Russell’s offensive instincts, criticism he played too selfless, he needs to strengthen the personal attack. Just two days later, Russell completed all the requirements of Walton, into a highly efficient offensive machine, the first quarter of 9 to get a score of 16 points in the game, a total of 19 points in the game to get 33 points and 3 assists in 13. This shows that in addition to Russell and savvy coach, also shows that the 20 year old young people, worthy of their second worth. Game review: Russell dominated the game today the opening of Julius Randle played very positive, he was cut from Lewis – Williams pass dunk, followed soon after Joseph Nur Kikki hit, left hand layup, helping the Lakers to bite the score 4-6. Russell then took over the game, he made two consecutive personal ability to score, to help the Lakers pull the score into a flat 8. The first section to 7 minutes 46 seconds, top ring to pass Yang Randall hit three points, the Lakers 11-8 leading the Nuggets, the Lakers in the game lead for the first time. The Lakers after getting well, Russell and Williams again three points, the team made a 8-3 attack wave, the Lakers’ 19-11 will lead to 8 points. Nuggets coach Mike Malone was forced to call Nur Kikki suspended, suspended after the two attack, help Denver solidity. After the two sides into a fight, the end of the first game, the Lakers lead 32-23 lead. The second quarter to 10 minutes and 36 seconds, Tariq – Black received a pass through the – – Calderon, gliding split score, to help the Lakers 34-23 lead by 11 points. In the subsequent game, the Lakers offense stalled, Nuggets under the leadership of Mudie counterattack. Mudie first left their breakthrough backhand layup, then successive assists Nur Kikki inside storm succeeded, the team made a 13-4 attack wave, help the Nuggets to score 39-42. After getting good Mudi AI, frequent use of their breakthrough and tear the Lakers defense organization, to help the Nuggets 46-47 further narrow the differential. The request after the pause, Russell stood out, has completed two beautiful CIC, helped the Lakers hold its ground. However, the Nuggets have hit the momentum, Barton in the end of the first half of the completion of difficult layup 0.3 seconds before, also caused Zubats foul, beating three points, helping the Nuggets 53 leveled the score. Easy side battles, Zubats replaced Mozgov as the starting center, the whole attack is more excellent. Third to 8 minutes and 11 seconds, Russell Tupofenqiu to Randall, Randall and pass to an open.相关的主题文章:

Exposure to the sun is selling 70 million sixth full training Kobe iron powder-w32dasm

The sun is selling 70 million sixth exposure to cultivate the Kobe iron? Knight to take him away? Sina sports news Beijing time on November 27th, according to the "The Score" media reported that Feinikesi suns is currently brewing a deal, the team defender Blanton Knight became the management of trading chips. Although the Suns General Manager Ryan Macdonald said there is no plan to deal but many teams and senior insiders, the sun will be at the trade deadline before trying to send. The 24 year old knight recently continuously starting out, the reason is the team another general Warren head injuries. But in the knight as the first game, he averaged 10.3 points in 26.9 minutes, with 3.3 rebounds and 2.3 assists. 38.4% shooting, three point shooting 31.1%, every 36 minutes he will appear 3 turnovers. In addition to the attack defense remains inefficient, criticized, data show the presence of the sun knight team every one hundred rounds will lose 6.1 points. That poor performance and Suns guard Warren, Booker, gathered, Bledsoe and several other players in the team to play well, Booker’s presence has been ignored. In the last year and the sun Knight reached a period of 5 years, 70 million of the contract value. If it is traded, which team is willing to accept the high paying players is still an unknown. (Shen Wei)相关的主题文章:

Guiyang three men stealing cable then to monitor (Figure) – Sohu news-lara fabian

Guiyang three men stealing cable then to monitor (Figure) – Sohu to sell cable news after the suspect took a taxi, a smug smile. The police escorted the suspect to identify the scene. The newspaper news (reporter Ren Yong Zhao Hui photo coverage) in Guiyang City, you open a good silver garden communication cable is stolen, which causes the communication surrounding more than 500 fixed line and broadband users blocked for 1000 minutes. The 3 thieves sold the cable to a waste collector, then smiled and took a taxi. The afternoon of November 16th, its expensive police station to inform the media has cracked the theft. Climb the pole beside the road to steal your cable at noon on November 11th, its police station received Guiyang Telecom alarm call, you open a good silver garden communication cable stolen, stolen cable length of 230 meters, the direct economic loss of 2 yuan. Lead the communication surrounding more than 500 fixed broadband users and blocking up to 1000 minutes. The beginning of the network is not found on the road to open a bank. November 8th morning, the company believes that the technical staff of the bank’s internal hardware facilities out of trouble. After check out the hardware issues, technical personnel along the network transmission line gradually investigation, found near the communication cable has been stolen. After emergency repairs, communication that night to return to normal. Cable installed in the vicinity of the location of the HD monitoring probe. Monitoring shows that at 3:50 on the 8, about 20 years old man stopped near the entrance of the Silver Garden in the vicinity of 3. About 1 hours after one of them climbed up the road of a wire rod, the 3 meters high off the ground communication cable cut down. 2 men on the ground should quickly roll up the cable, a load carrying in the pocket. A few minutes later, they climb the wall beside the road to a house, the junction box cable out cut and roll. More than and 10 minutes later, stopped a taxi to leave. Thieves have been laughing, as if 5 million of the police found that they came to the east near the fishing village of water road, the cable will be sold to a waste recycling business. Then, 3 people take a taxi to leave at the train station to get off near the bridge. Police found a taxi driver. "3 people on the bus after the more excited, always smile, like the $5 million lottery." The taxi driver told police, "they hear from the chat, they will go to the train station near the Internet cafes to play games, to buy games and equipment." Police concluded that the 3 suspects may like to play online games, Internet cafes should often visit. "Internet cafes Internet cafes to find one by one, one by one, even three feet down, but also to find out the 3 people!" Your criminal investigation captain Li Mingsheng Wu Lu and his colleagues continue to trace. The thief turned out to be an electrician in November 12th 2 in the morning, an internet police interrogation District of Nanming to Chaoyang Dong Road, Nanming District Court near the original, found 3 men. After the trial, 3 people were 21 year old Yang Qianxi, 25 year old high of a Wuchuan and 22 year old Jin mengmou fabric. Among them, Meng is still an electrician, know the electrical installation of professional knowledge, more familiar with the cable. Come to Guiyang.相关的主题文章:

Swimming world cup Dubai station China 2 silver and 5 bronze horse again into seven Jin Wang Zu – So-tda7294

Swimming world cup Dubai station China 2 silver and 5 bronze horse again into seven Jin Wang Zu – Sohu sports Beijing time on October 7th, the 2016 fina Swimming World Cup fifth races in the United Arab Emirates, Dubai ended the competition. Chinese Teams won 2 silver and 5 bronze, Hungary’s Hoth progenitor winning 7 gold 3 silver, five consecutive races won seven gold medals, Russia’s Morozov harvest 4 gold, 1 silver. The men’s 50 meter backstroke, Australia’s Huly with 23 seconds 33 won the gold medal, sang Yanukovich in 23 seconds 35 Quju runner up, Spain’s Khanna Watt to 23 seconds 39 won the bronze medal, Morozov only ranked fourth. The men’s 100 meter backstroke, Sankovi to 50 seconds 20 won the gold medal, Hu Hurley to 50 seconds 29 won the silver medal, Japan’s Kawamoto Takeshi Kitano to 50 seconds 68 ranked third. The men’s 200 meter backstroke, Hu Hurley with 1 points 52 seconds 53 gold partner, Russia’s do Nate F to 1 minute 53 seconds 03 won the silver medal, Columbia contestant Garcia to 1 points 53 seconds 39 ranked third. The women’s 50 meter backstroke, Hungary’s Hoss progenitor in 26 seconds won 35 gold medals, Zeweina 57 runner up in 26 seconds, 26 seconds to 89 Cheng Hai ranked third. The women’s 100 meter backstroke, Joe Hoss in 56 seconds 56 won the gold medal, Zeweina 91 ranked second to 56 seconds, 59 seconds to 04 Cheng Hai ranked third, Liu Haiyun to 1 points 01 seconds 82 ranked seventh. The women’s 200 meter backstroke, this year’s best result of Ukraine’s Zevina angry again, with 2 minutes 0 seconds 97 won the gold medal, Hoss in 2 minutes and 04 seconds 65 fathers ranked second, with 2 minutes 6 seconds plus the 41 ranked third, 2 minutes and 7 seconds to Cheng Hai 58 ranked fourth, Liu Haiyun in 2 30 minutes and 10 seconds ranked sixth. The men’s 50 meter breaststroke, Lima with 26 seconds 02 won the gold medal, Morozov to 26 seconds 61 won the silver medal, Li Xiang ranked third in 82 to 26 seconds. The men’s 100 meter breaststroke, Morozov to 56 seconds 52 won the gold medal, Lima with 57 seconds 01 won the silver medal, Seto also ranked third in 61 to 57 seconds, Li Xiang 58 seconds to 52 ranked fifth, Wang Boyu ranked sixth in 61 to 59 seconds. The men’s 200 m breaststroke, Sarkozy to 2 minutes 3 seconds 41 won the gold medal, Seto O with 2 minutes 5 seconds 29 won the silver medal, general Reynolt to 2 points 5 seconds 66 ranked third, Wang Boyu to 2 points 7 seconds 36 ranked fourth. The women’s 50 meters breaststroke, Atkinson to 29 seconds 02 won the gold medal, Efimova to 29 seconds 27 won the silver medal, 29 seconds to 85 meri ranked third. The women’s 100 meters breaststroke, with 1 minutes 3 seconds 26 meri won the gold medal, Atkinson to 1 points 3 seconds 32 ranked second, Efimova to 1 points 3 seconds 43 ranked third. The women’s 200 meters breaststroke, and painted with gold rattan 2 minutes 16 seconds 30 won the gold medal, Efimova to 2 points 17 seconds 88 won the silver medal, Larson for 2 minutes and 21 seconds 01 ranked third. Men’s 50 m freestyle, Morozov to 2相关的主题文章:

Wuhan 7 years to build tens of millions of underground city traffic into the subway by

Wuhan 7 years to build tens of millions of passenger underground city into the traffic by the Wuhan subway Group Chairman Zhou Shaodong for the next seven years, Wuhan will build a 10 million passenger underground city". Yesterday, Zhou Shaodong, chairman of the Wuhan Metro Group to accept the morning news reporter, said that by 2023, rail traffic mileage will reach nearly 800 kilometers, the shuttle in the subway daily traffic will reach 10 million passengers. "12th Five-Year" during the period of subway passenger over 260 times more than the "12th Five-Year", Wuhan rail transit has achieved a leap from the history of single line operation to network construction and operation, to honor the solemn commitment in 2012 to 2015 each year the completion of the opening line ", the traffic mileage from 11th Five-Year at the end of the 1 line 28 kilometers in 4 lines, the total mileage of 126 km network operation pattern. At the end of this year, will be the first implementation of the opening of the year 2 lines, operating mileage of 181 kilometers, and will be achieved with 1 airports, 3 train stations, 5 intercity railway, 10 long-distance passenger transport hub seamless docking, entered the era of the three towns of Wuhan subway. It can be said that the "12th Five-Year" period is the development of rail transportation in Wuhan in the history of 5 years is the key to thick and heavy in colours, connecting 5 years. "In 12th Five-Year, the Wuhan subway opened a number of times," Zhou Shaodong said that in 2012, the first phase project of line 2 opening of trial operation, and construction of the country’s first subway line crossing the Yangtze River, the opening of the Wuhan Metro times; in 2013 2014, line 4 and two opening of rail traffic into the Hanyang river crossing three, together into the "subway network era"; 2015 No. 3 subway line opened, successfully opened "the first ring", from the implementation of the "three connected" to the "new towns across the ring". "The end of 11th Five-Year, the average daily passenger flow of only 7 thousand and 800 passengers, but now increased to 2 million 70 thousand times, more than doubled by more than 260." Zhou Shaodong said that the proportion of the city’s subway public transport trips exceeded 30%. Rail transit service quality increasing, the "safety, punctuality, comfort and convenience won a good social reputation. Especially in summer and winter in Wuhan severe waterlogging and freezing rain weather disasters this year, the operation to ensure the safety of subway on city traffic access capacity, public reliance on rail traffic gradually increased. At the same time, the continuous expansion of the scale of subway construction, at present, the city has 12 lines, 261 km in synchronous construction, years will also start the construction of 1 lines under construction mileage of 278 kilometers, the construction scale ranks the first phalanx, thus the third line construction planning all construction. Seven years later, more than 60% public transport travel by subway "in the future, Wuhan will build a huge" underground city ", the daily traffic of up to tens of millions of people," Zhou Shaodong said, to 2020, the first three line construction planning completed and opened to traffic, the Wuhan subway operating mileage will reach 401 km, forming "the pattern of urban rail transit network, Metro Line". At present, Wuhan is actively promoting the construction of the fourth phase of the rail transit planning (2017-2023) approval, is expected to"相关的主题文章: