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When the child was locked in the home, the mother is too panic moment – Sohu mother wit kamikaze love

When the child was locked in the home, the mother is too panic moment wit – Sohu maternal public number: picture book selection (ID:huibenjingxuan) free resources

family education | parent-child picture book tasting hand often see many children by adults inadvertently locked home, or bear children themselves in the house locked the door and don’t know how to open. Outside the adult children fear exacerbated the panic, leading to unnecessary danger. The most common is locked in the home of the child, panic will do the most dangerous behavior is to climb the balcony, climb the window. See a mother of the ignorance of consequences to the mother house rubbish, just put down the garbage, the wind blew the door shut, panic mother door, opened the door to his 3 year old son, a child accidentally turn on the lock, how can not open. The child did not know what had happened, the mother has been ignorant of the comfort of the house: "son, do not be afraid, my mother called his father to save you." The child in a click, look around the house alone, mother comforting words become a dangerous signal, the child afraid to shoot the door, open the door for me, "Mom, I’m afraid!" "My son is not afraid. My father will be here soon. Don’t climb up the stool……" Mother warned the words to become a guide, the child crying moved a stool, climbed to the windowsill to find his mother, the results did not fence fence, the child went on like this…… Every year a lot of children because of being locked in the family tragedy. If the home installed guardrail, if the child did not confound adults, he will be frightened, resulting in psychological shadow, no sense of security. Children under the age of 12 are not allowed to stay at home alone. In general, the 6 year old child due to mental immaturity, a single person at home will be afraid, if coupled with adult panic, the child will be excessive fear due to excessive behavior. If the child has no intention of being locked at home, don’t let the children feel afraid to be saved. Look at the following mother’s practice, really too good! One day, Xiao Ling mother rushed out to see clients pulled shut the door after bad! Forget the small Ling grandmother went out to buy food did not come back, Xiao Ling dad had to go to work, turned over a handbag tragedy, he forgot to bring the key! At this point, the house is still sitting on the ground Xiao Ling banana, do not know what happened! Ling Ling grandma’s phone, "hello!" Tears again collapsed, the house of the small Ling answered the phone, grandma did not take the phone out! Calm, calm, do not panic, we can think of a way…… "Xiao Ling, mother wants to play a game with you?" "Okay, mom!" Hear to play the game, Linda in high spirits. "Mom now want to play a game with you this treasure, treasure to you a person, this baby is a bunch of keys to find the mother, gave her mother into the grass downstairs. When the mother returned to the house on behalf of success, after the success of your mother to reward you for the weekend to play a paradise." "Wow, well, Xiao Ling likes it best!" First of all, the first is to treasure her pictures相关的主题文章:

The woman with a knife cut man does not save the pavilion abandoned convicted of intentional murder

The woman with a knife cut man does not save the pavilion was sentenced to intentional homicide from anti – Sohu News Chinese daily news (reporter She Hui) and his ex-wife remarried after I still did not want to break up with a lover, a man will not only Valentine’s QQ name into "boring woman" and published telephone, also by telephone, SMS continued intimidation and insult a suicide caused by the other party. When the woman stabbed his abdomen with a knife in his home, not only failed to take measures to rescue the man, but the woman back to the county seat of a pavilion…… Finally, the loss of chance rescued the woman died, after the court trial, man convicted of manslaughter was sentenced to 4 years imprisonment for 6 months. In the men’s women’s self stimulation unbearable insult home Wu Ping lived in our province a county, October 2010, and Luo met become lovers. In October 2013, Wu Ping and his wife want to divorce, and Luo refused to marry, the two conflict. In November 2013, Wu Ping and his ex-wife remarried after the red and Luo are still reluctant to break up, the Luo QQ nickname as "boring woman", stating "nothing boring", with red Luo phone, caused many people to play red Luo harassing phone calls, harassing messages, seriously affected the normal life, Luo the red was forced to turn to their friends for help and alarm. A trial showed that a few days before the incident, Wu Ping frequent phone calls, texting, insults, intimidation, sustained stimulation Luo, Luo Hong resulting in suicidal thoughts. The same year in late December 15th 9, Luo Hong in the Wu Ping household knife to his abdomen stabbed, Wu Ping that Luo Hong faces danger, not to call 120 neighbors for help, no, no distress to passers-by and vehicles, but will be back to the county Luo Red Pavilion to be disguised as a left by sitting in the pavilion after the seat. 14 minutes later, Wu Ping call 120, lied to see a drunken man in the pavilion, let the staff on duty or dial 110 to call the county hospital of traditional Chinese medicine, and provides a telephone, but Wu Ping neither alarm, did not call the county hospital of traditional Chinese medicine, but the night driving away from the county. The next day at 8:28 in the morning, someone found sitting in the Luo Hong, after police arrived and found the dead red luo. The forensic identification, Luo Hong Sheng Qianxi by stab abdomen, bleeding caused by left common iliac artery, due to acute hemorrhagic shock and death. In March 13, 2014, Wu Ping were persuaded to surrender to the police, truthfully confessed the main facts of the crime. A verdict that the defendant of first offence have specific duty to rescue the trial court found that the defendant Wu Ping Luo desire and continue to maintain relationship after the rejection, heart resentment, deliberately change Luo Hong QQ nickname and signature, and Luo Hong mobile phone number posted on the network, causing many people to give Luo red hit harassing phone calls, harassing messages; a few days before the incident, Wu Ping and frequent phone calls, texting, insults, intimidation, sustained stimulation Luo, Luo Hong cause suicidal thoughts. When Luo red in the home of five suicide (injury), life is imminent, Wu Ping that is due to its first violation of the cause of the red Luo’s life in extreme danger when the specific relief obligations. In order to escape the legal responsibility, Wu Ping not only did not help, but in the winter of the night will be back to the red Luo相关的主题文章:

Before the takeoff of the aircraft emergency escape ladder pop-up 77 passenger delays

Taiwan airliner before takeoff emergency escape ladder pops up 77 passengers travel delay Taiwan airliner before takeoff emergency escape suddenly pop up 77 passengers travel delays in new network on 23 September,   according to Taiwan’s United Daily News reported that Taiwan’s TransAsia Airways Airbus A320 aircraft, the 23 day morning flight task is ready to serve before the emergency escape ladder left rear popped up, but fortunately no boarding passengers, but also caused no injuries to the ground, to investigate the cause of the incident. It is pointed out that the TransAsia Airways A320 aircraft, originally scheduled for 23 days GE-318 flight to Xuzhou at 8:50 in the morning, morning about 8 aircraft towed to Taoyuan airport tarmac ground A1 do the entire work, emergency escape ladder left rear door suddenly pops up, great sound to the ground crew shocked. As for the incident reason began to say, there are rumors aircraft or ground personnel hit the emergency door switch, there are rumors of a mechanical failure accident triggered by detailed and investigating cause by the relevant units. The aircraft was towed to the feeder after the maintenance of the flat 603, GE-318 flights were delayed revival. TransAsia Airways said Taoyuan – Xuzhou GE318 flights (77 passengers), passengers before boarding the plane, ground operations personnel, for failing to lift switch, to escape slide pops up, now replaced, caused by flight delays caused by passengers 80 minutes trip delay, apologize, took off at 9:54 in the morning. Editor: Kang Yunkai相关的主题文章:

Differential pin cloud at the fingertips are 2 million 600 thousand people pay the price of a qualit candy candy

Differential pin cloud is qualitative MLM 2 million 600 thousand payment involving 620 million 2 million 600 thousand payment involving 620 million yuan cloud at the fingertips of qualitative differential pin with each reporter Zhao Na MLM "cloud at your fingertips" what is at your fingertips? Just listen to the name is easy to think of cloud computing, in fact, this is a micro dealer distribution platform, fame is not small. But in recent days, Hubei city of Xianning province Industrial and Commercial Bureau announced that the "cloud at your fingertips" suspected MLM case has been closed, the parties shall be ordered to stop illegal acts, confiscate the illegal income of more than 3950 yuan, and impose a fine of 1 million 500 thousand yuan. WeChat also has "cloud at your fingertips" public account title. October 13th, electricity supplier observers Lu Zhenwang accept the daily economic news reporter, said, cloud at the fingertips of the model is a typical MLM, but through electricity providers, micro providers to achieve. Its consumption one, two hundred yuan will be able to join the membership, can be quickly pulled through the WeChat circle of friends. Online marketing and mobilize relatives and friends, join the threshold is different, the greater the relationship between online marketing network, join the threshold is low, pyramid schemes are more subtle. Another researcher, China Electronic Commerce Research Center Zhejiang Teng Chi lawyer Ma told reporters before the policy, laws and regulations on the definition of the Internet marketing, especially the so-called three level distribution management pattern based on is not clear. Cloud in the fingertips was identified as pyramid schemes, the use of WeChat’s alleged distribution of illegal Internet marketing provides a basis for the definition, the future of WeChat or will increase the audit and crackdown on such behavior. The Department of industry and commerce as one of the "pyramid before the WeChat team official account WeChat horizon" issued a "network marketing crackdown on, Tencent with the business sector," Feng Ting cloud at your fingertips "account" article. WeChat said, "the cloud is Guangzhou cloud at your fingertips in the fingertips of Agel Ecommerce Ltd (hereinafter referred to as the" Guangzhou cloud at your fingertips) by linking WeChat public number cloud at your fingertips "custom menu, set up their own development platform. Under the guise of "consumption capital", "consumption is to invest all is the boss", "new business model" and "share money" gimmick, attracted a large number of staff communication and participation, leading to irrational consumption, excessive marketing share, the WeChat platform with cloud at your fingertips "marketing information, the normal use of WeChat group malicious promotion, destroy the Internet environment, the social and economic order, the State Council is" the prohibition of marketing behavior refers to the marketing regulations "article seventh, also in violation of the" WeChat public platform service agreement "," WeChat public platform operating standards ". The "daily economic news" reporter then visit the Xianning City Administration of Industrial and Commercial Bureau site inspection of the administrative penalty decision (Xianning business office word 2016 No. 37) learned that the Bureau on April 2015 report of Guangzhou cloud at your fingertips in the area of Xianning allegedly engaged in pyramid selling activities. According to the clues found, Guangzhou set up a "cloud cloud at your fingertips in the fingertips of online shopping in the sales of goods to the on-line membership rebate, the rebate rule has obvious" hierarchy "and" entry fee "," team "and other characteristics of suspected相关的主题文章:

Man quarrel with his wife after being evicted from their homes by the river to commit suicide winpm

Man quarrel with his wife after being out of the house the river to commit suicide rescued Wang Longxing (left) and bedraggled man rescued in the ambulance on the original title: the "clay" Why become "net red" on September 3rd at 9:45 in the evening, Fuling District Public Security Bureau police Anti Terror detachment Wang Longxing, a person walking in the Fuling Binjiang Jiangnan Park, by dim light the shore, he was also covered with a layer of yarn. Chongqing evening news trainee reporter correspondent Yang Hua Hu Junteng photo coverage to save the original, Wang Longxing and his wife weekend appointment to go out to play together, but Wang Longxing received a temporary mission, travel plans to soak up the soup. At this time, his wife fell ill, but the day did not see his shadow. Home from work at night, Wang Longxing was "bang" out of the house. The Yangtze River calm as a mirror, six or seven metres from the shore of the river, a man will be immersed in the water called legs. At first, it was just a man’s knee. When Wang Longxing looked up again, found the water over his neck, only a head in the river. Wang Longxing stepped forward and asked, "what are you doing? Come up quickly." The other replied: "don’t you tube." Wang Longxing immediately react – man to commit suicide, he immediately dialed 110 and 120. Men commit suicide with the River drift downstream to the ups and downs. Wang Longxing couldn’t swim and hurried to a nearby ship to find lifejackets, grabbed a buoy just jumped into the river, swam toward the man, choked several slobber. Wang Longxing arrived at the man side, the other has been in a coma. Wang Longxing immediately put him on a life buoy, dragged him to the shore, near the shore, Xing Xing exhausted, two people are trapped in the mud. To help the people around, Wang Longxing and suicidal man on the shore. Wang Longxing immediately to rescue him, through 3 minutes cardiopulmonary resuscitation, the man finally spit out the river, gradually waking up. Wang Long Xingchang sighed and said to him: "you should thank my wife, she should not quarrel with me, I won’t come out, come to save you." I did not expect the voice just fell, the other party cried. A suicidal man said, he Zhu, born in 1995, and his first girlfriend broke up, he wanted to Dutch act on impulse. Want to give up halfway to commit suicide, but in the river for a long time, tired, fortunately Wang Longxing rescue. Wang Longxing to Xiao Zhu: "OK, you are still young, what are some, slowly." And when the evening of 12, Wang Longxing returned home with a dirt. On the way home, his heart has been drumming: the wife must still cannot tell her angry, can’t swim also jumped into the river to save things, what about coming home so late, the body is so dirty? Until you get to the door, Wang Longxing still did not think good countermeasures. He did not dare to open the key to open the door, lingering for a long time, and finally summon up the courage to gently knock on the door. The door opened and his wife stood at the door, pulled him into the room and said to him, "I have heard from your colleagues." Net red mud police ugly photos, a short burst of brush on the Fuling circle of friends, he saved 8相关的主题文章: