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Cao Deyun: association of insurance information management should not be wearing a look at universal insurance fund exposure tainted glasses Sina Taiwan: the letter Phi lag of false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, to buy the fund by the pit how to do? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Reporter Li Zhihong, Beijing reported to Zhao Ping Cao Deyun that, from the insurance funds placards target selection, mostly blue chips, these stocks are very high quality assets, is the outstanding listed companies. These are placards listed companies in the financial, real estate and consumer industries, has good prospects for development, higher dividend rate, thus providing better cash flow for insurance companies. In August 19th, Taikang International Building, 19 storey window cloudless, such a scene a cloudless blue sky, with the recent capital market be raging like a storm together. "Bao Wan contest" insurance funds once again pushed to the attention of top, which have been enlarged in the discussion and every act and every move of suspicion, executive vice president China insurance asset management industry association and the Secretary General Cao Deyun think "insurance funds some grievance". One side he sat quietly in the conference room table, facing reporters weiweidaolai. "In fact, the use of insurance funds in recent years has always maintained good momentum of steady development, give full play to the characteristics of long-term stable and sustainable, not only become one of the main sources of the insurance industry profits, also run, to support the real economy development in the stability of capital market has played an important and positive role and promote the insurance market growth etc.." However, such as the two sides of a coin, although the use of insurance funds showed a good momentum of development, but there are also some risks and challenges. Cao Deyun said, "from the recent situation, the use of insurance funds is mainly affected by the ample liquidity in the market, the low interest rate period and capital market volatility and the external environment is larger, the rate of return on investment in the first half of greater volatility in 2016, 2 percentage points year-on-year decline. From a long-term perspective, banking, securities, funds, trusts, financial institutions are in the transition to the direction of the rapid development of information management, and other asset management industry, insurance asset management industry marketization and market competition there is still room for improvement." In a comprehensive analysis of the overall use of insurance funds, Cao Deyun did not dodge on insurance funds placards listed companies, universal insurance, private capital into the insurance industry, related transactions and other hot topics. "The insurance company placards behavior, not only for one special case of amplified interpretation, and the need to look at dialectical. The insurance company placards listed companies is the need of reality and maturity of insurance asset allocation, in response to the country to vigorously develop direct financing, support the development of the capital market’s call. Of course, also need to be generated by the risk placards listed companies stock price alert. Universal insurance as part of the source of premium income and the formation of insurance funds, and other types of insurance, the insurance company is the liability of the insured. In the investment behavior of legal compliance, universal insurance should not be treated with social tainted glasses." For private capital to enter the insurance industry and related transactions, Cao Deyun believes that the private theory相关的主题文章: