Can I keep my heart

Can I keep my heart? [depth] after the unicorn era can keep the heart? On Saturday 10 pm, Beijing Chaoyang joy after a day of noisy, bustling ending. While shopping on the road outside, busy continues: swarms of private car close to the roadside open the double flash, crowds of people dial telephone shouted loudly at the intersection with the hope to find their own look around, through the mobile phone set in the crowded car headlights. In a sense, taxi software has become an indispensable part of people’s travel. And drops travel – after the completion of the acquisition of Uber China, has become the absolute sense of Unicorn in this field. The pace of change and development is much faster than many companies, CEO Cheng Weiceng said, can be said that every three months is a new company". Since August 1st, the acquisition of China yuho a month, from integration to price to develop new business, by a series of adjustments, to accelerate the completion of transformation from competitors to keep the Bureau’s role. Did you drop it? Uber Chinese drops and with that night, Uber China held a staff meeting, said in 30 days after the merger to the staff of the completion of the merger (Close Bonus), cash rewards when employees can choose to stay or leave. After the merger announced a week, Cheng Wei to China excellent step staff sent a letter called One Team, One Dream, the internal mail, I hope China excellent step independent operation. On the eve of the Qixi Festival "Valentine’s day, this message can be seen as a" good love ", but then it is difficult to see from the outside with more substantive initiatives. As early as the acquisition was announced at the beginning, there is a Bloomberg News Agency quoted informed sources said, Uber to Chinese business to drop, will re deploy 150 engineers China District, they will be assigned to Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia and other areas, continue to map development business. Recently, internal staff said, has set up a bit and step by division, by both parties and Uber Chinese drops two, the future management of Uber China common application software operation. After the merger of the 30 days of the transition is coming to an end, Uber China employees will face the choice of fate, accordingly before a management layer to the interface revealed that the merger announced that he began to consider looking elsewhere, and pieces of relevant business coincidence degree of some very high position, Uber Chinese district staff are also more likely to find another way. The integration of the concept of corporate culture has always been a very challenging part of M & A. Previously, the acquisition of fast drops smoothly, but Uber is the management philosophy, corporate culture difference large multinational companies, the merger is to stop the rapid burn wars market strategy, whether to play 1+1> in the future; the true value of 2, remains to be tested. The driver quickly leave the relative internal integration and external immediately notice after the merger is a bit change, subsidies for the passenger side, reduce the price increase, the driver side started to adjust pricing. From August 18th onwards, drops theory相关的主题文章: