Big Lotto Anhui lottery frequency falls 8 days a total of 46 million 400 thousand yuan lottery – Soh gamelink

Since the fall of Anhui lottery lottery frequency 8 days a total of 46 million 400 thousand yuan lottery – Sohu in November, the Anhui lottery luck, inscribed a week even in the 3 note lotto. 16128th, Anhui Lottery two note 8 million 200 thousand prize in my arms, Ma’anshan, Fuyang lottery prize news just came out, followed by 16130th in the 28 million 450 thousand Wuhu grand prix. The 16131st Chizhou lottery prize by fortune, 10 note added two prize again in 1 million 170 thousand. The Anhui lottery winning the continuous not uncommon, the number of days of winning successive week awarding totaled 46 million 400 thousand awards, lottery charm broke out again. Want to increase investment lottery awarding master lightning   the morning of November 2nd, 16128th big lottery 8 million 560 thousand Yuan grand prize winner Mr. Zhou (a pseudonym) lightning appeared in Anhui province sports lottery center took the prize. When asked about the winning, Mr. Zhou said with a sigh, let me feel very dizzy, lucky to come a little too suddenly"! Mr. Zhou believes that this would win the prize very magical, he has taken a "7+2" double bet kept, this thought came in before betting, temporary increase investment, the hitherto unknown bought a big double "11+3". Mr. Zhou is very serious, said, to buy this 2772 yuan double ticket, I did shake, ready to move before the full hesitation, think or try it." On the evening of October 31st after the lottery, Mr. Zhou did check the Internet as usual, on the number, he was immediately stunned, "I can’t believe that I won the lottery". Finally, Mr. Zhou also told reporters to exchange their own number selection experience, I am particularly optimistic about the 20, 30, 33, to win the prize or the combination". Ten years to keep prize lottery to really exercise   in November 7th, 16129th of the 28 million 450 thousand grand prize winner Mr. Huang (a pseudonym) alone came to the provincial sports lottery center, in a talk with reporters, Mr. Huang repeatedly used "ten years grinding sword" to express his winning experience. Mr. Huang claimed to be a big fan of the lottery lottery, from the beginning of the listing to date. For the lottery, Mr. Huang has his own views, he believes that the monthly total lottery 13 times, sometimes 14 times each, he invested 16 yuan, the monthly cost of only 200 yuan, is the basic work to persevere winning key. Mr. Huang, the selected two groups of numbers were: 11233233 34+ 0112 +06 12, 1123262931, 11, 23 and three is kept, No. 32, 33, 34 have been kept for several months. Mr. Huang is able to win, is on this dedication and adhere to the momentum, with the sword to describe it is just perfect. The last second lore hit 8 million 200 thousand Grand Prix history hitherto unknown   the afternoon of November 9th, while another 16128th winner Zhang (a pseudonym) a late stage. Zhang told reporters, thanks to yesterday.相关的主题文章: