Beijing heating time will advance to November 13th sexhu

Beijing officially heating time will advance to the November 13th original title: Beijing officially heating time in advance to the November 13th Beijing News News (reporter Xin Na) according to the results of the latest weather forecast, in November 13th there will be a strong cold air activity, likely to be continuous 5 day average air temperature lower than 5 DEG C. Beijing municipal government decided that the city 2016-2017 years of formal heating heating time to start in November 13th. In addition, in order to ensure that the city’s formal heating in November 13th, residents heating boiler ignition test run time will advance to the beginning of November 5th. Non resident users heating time is ahead of schedule, determined by the use of heat units and heating enterprises to determine the two sides. Reporters learned that the city management committee has been to the district heating Department, the heating units issued in advance of the heating instructions, requiring all units to do a good job in advance the protection of heating work. The heating units must strengthen equipment inspection, timely solve the leaking during the test run, to eliminate safety hazards, do system debugging, security in November 13th 0 when the standard heating; to repair service telephone to inform the user, strengthen on-site service, timely processing of all kinds of problems reflect the users, improve the service quality. All thermal power plants, gas supply companies to do the relevant security work. Members of the public in the heating period found that heating is not hot, water leakage and other issues, timely call heating units repair service telephone, the heating unit processing results have opinions, you can call 12345 hotline complaints. Editor: Dai Yuxi Wang Xiaolin editor: Zhang Dong相关的主题文章: