Beijing and Hebei to promote human social security integration over 9000 medical institutions design liuxiaobo

Beijing and Hebei to promote human social security integration over 9000 medical institutions designated certification – Beijing, Xinhua news agency, Beijing October 30th news (reporter Li Fang) Beijing municipal human resources and Social Security Bureau recently with human resources and Social Security Department of Hebei Province signed "to promote human resources and social security cooperation agreement", clearly promote human Beijing and Hebei the integration of social security "4 + 3" work objectives, to further accelerate the process of integration of both human resources and social security. Reporters from Beijing City People Club Bureau was informed that the "4 + 3" target refers to Beijing and Hebei from 4 aspects of employment, social security, personnel services, labor relations and further strengthen cooperation at the provincial level, and to determine the new airport, Yanjiao Caofeidian, these 3 areas to deepen cooperation, breakthroughs in key areas, common to promote the rational flow and effective allocation of human resources, accelerate the process of human social security integration of Beijing and hebei. In the promotion of employment service integration, Beijing and Hebei 2152 HR service providers will according to the unified standard, to provide for the masses, the occupation occupation training, the flow of personnel archives management and a series of human resource services; at the same time, the two will be mutual recognition of professional qualifications, the human resources market practitioners qualification personnel qualification. Break the boundaries and barriers. The masses are most concerned about promoting social security convergence, the two will be mutual recognition of 9075 medical institutions, of which Beijing has designated 2188 medical institutions, 6887 Hebei. Beijing City People Club Bureau relevant responsible person said, in Beijing and Hebei long-term overseas and the resettlement of retired persons participated in basic medical insurance, the future can choose hospitals in their remote medical treatment from the 9075 medical institutions, so as to facilitate the masses of remote medical treatment. In addition, Beijing and Hebei will establish and improve labor security supervision and law enforcement coordination processing platform, sharing the employer labor security law abiding integrity of credit information, realize the labor supervision case "a complaint, joint processing, reduce the cross regional case transfer approval level, to improve the efficiency of handling the case.相关的主题文章: