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Be charged high job placement fees — Education — original title of Sichuan students’ post practice: collect high job placement fees   internship Sichuan students’ post; in early August of this year, Sichuan Province, southwest of Dazhou occupation technical school (hereinafter referred to as the "Southwest Dazhou vocational school") of the 8 students returned to school with grievances. They have just completed the vocational stage the first two years of the course, beginning third years post internship, internship in Fuzhou railway passenger section. Student Chen (a pseudonym), introduce them to the practice of Hebei lentuo Human Resources Service Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the "extension") did not fulfill their commitments to her guard post, but the arrangement of the train attendant post meal. Other students to the school "Internship feedback scheduling is not" normal "money and bought something after the payment is not consistent to lose money" and so on, the expression of internship positions are not satisfied. Many of the students complained that the last point to the same problem: the extension of the company to charge students 18 thousand and 500 yuan, ranging from $20 thousand job placement fee". They found the school required the coordination lentuo companies refund. Related follow-up work is still in progress. The Education Bureau of Dazhou City, after a preliminary investigation found, southwest of Dazhou vocational school practices alleged violation of the student occupation school management regulations promulgated by the Ministry of education and other five departments ". Currently, the Council is working to deal with views. The practice was charged for job placement fees million yuan in May 26th this year in the second grade students in secondary vocational school, Dazhou Vocational School of tourism services and management of Southwest students Chen and lentuo company signed the "entrusted placement book". The two sides agreed in writing, the company responsible for the arrangement of lentuo Chen positions as "conductor", Chen and placed in 3 months in the agreed position. Chen to lentuo company to pay 18 thousand and 500 yuan placement fee. The same batch and the extension of the company signed a commission on employment placement, a total of 28 students. In June 3rd, another 5 students joined the ranks. Here, a total of 33 students in vocational schools through the extension of the company to the railway internship. This batch of students to the joint venture company to pay the placement fee has two standards, technical class is $20 thousand, technical secondary school class is $18 thousand and 500. Then, the students have been organized to Wuhan and Shijiazhuang to participate in training. At the end of June, they were transported to Beijing railway company lentuo rich red cleaning Catering Management Services Limited company, work to the passenger section of Fuzhou. However, after the induction of Chen found that he was not in the train station, but a restaurant waiter, sometimes do cleaning work. Other students are depressed about the working environment, they complained to the school, after the sale of things on the train, if the money received and the money is not the same, they have to lose money. After about a month of practice, one of the students did not want to do it". Chen and other 15 students returned to Dazhou, looking for the school to discuss the statement. Their main appeal is to require the school to return to pay the coordination of the placement fee". Tourism services and management相关的主题文章: