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B: 1 wins away to St. Pauli intelligence five main injury on Monday 001             second division; Wuerzburg kicker VS       Pauli; 2016-11-08 03:15;         November 8th Beijing time 03:152016 17 season German Football League twelfth round last the game will be in the German city of Wuerzburg Flyeralarm arena, Wuerzburg kickers team will host the Pauli team in the home court. The home team 2 wins in the last six games 2 flat 2 negative, the visiting team made 1 flat 5 negative in the last six games. In the previous eye-catching performance of the newly promoted Marvell Salzburg kicker team suffered two defeats in the league, the game ushered in the last round of the league with strong Nuremberg team vice monitor team to win in St. Pauli, home court to stop the basement afraid of no small difficulty. The status of home court operations Wuerzburg kicker team in the last round of the Second Division League away 1 3 lost to the Bundesliga Jiangban Hannover 96 teams in all competitions in three games in a row over. The opening of the Wuerzburg offensive against the opponent play team to break the deadlock in the twenty-fourth minute, to be offensive in the second half of the match and scored two goals in the offensive after the upgrade in the third minute of injury time penalty shoot out, eventually the opponent was to expand the score after 1 away more than 3 lost after the game, Wuerzburg team player coach Hollerbach said in the first half with excellent defensive and aggressive game of the Wuerzburg team play attacked the strong competitors in the second half of the score but then didn’t get the chance to tie the score penalty. This Monday in St. Pauli home court team, Wuerzburg kickers coach Hollerbach said the current standings opponent cannot be confused, have promoted the identity of the Wuerzburg kickers team will be very difficult, the team must be in the game to prove themselves hard to beat. From the injury situation, Wuzelake is stand in centre back to resume training, the main defender Shao Peng Vauxhall, To. RSchrock played the main defensive midfielder doubtful because of injury, other players can play. The status of the road team in St. Pauli on Tuesday morning in the Second Division League home court 1 1 draw with Nuremberg team, the end of the five league defeats. Immediately after the opening onslaught launched the Pauli team in sixth minutes to break the deadlock in state rivals but was subsequently equalized, then with rivals well-matched in strength contest and consecutive missed scoring opportunities in the final stages of the second half, the final home court 1 1 draw with the enemy, after St. Pauli coach lining said in the game to show the tenacious fighting spirit and strong desire to play the Pauli team failed to gain a victory through great efforts and again failed to get a penalty chance. In this season, the poor performance of the team in charge of sports club St. Pauli announced the dismissal of Meg le and announced on Wednesday has been invited in the season Stuttgart team and the team achieved a brief period at two on Tuesday).相关的主题文章: