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As love liar telecommunications fraud three kinds of people: operators, leadership, express – Beijing Chinese news network September 13th news (reporter Shang Yang intern reporter Dong Xiaodi) recently, a number of telecommunications fraud cases reported in the newspapers, but the momentum is still rapid Telecom fraud. Today’s telecommunications fraud has long been out of the simple winning scam, the new fraud endless. What type of fraud occupy telecommunications fraud "half of the country"? How should we deal with it? What are the number and area of the liar? Financial fraud, topped the list for PS screenshot certificate recently, 360 companies issued a "2016 China Telecom fraud situation analysis report" shows that the user received telephone fraud, false financial fraud, accounting for 43.2%, followed by the proportion of the identity of the 25.2% type of fraud posing. In the financial management class fraud, false securities and false loans accounted for more than half of the. This kind of fraud is usually a high financial returns as bait to lure victims through phishing sites or direct transfer of funds, stocks and other financial products. In August this year, Shandong Tengzhou two people is a financial website launched "high return" products of temptation, has cheated ten million yuan. The reporter found that, in order to avoid such fraud, the first thing to do is to guard against various investment QQ group, gathered in these groups in the new investment direction is also a liar, ordinary people can easily become the target of fraud. At the same time, we also need to be vigilant, improve discernment, do not believe the liar thrown the so-called small investment, fast return bait. In addition, it turns out that many of the crooks released internal message screenshot, qualification certificates are forged after PS, is not credible, encountered such problems need to be verified. Operators, leaders, courier crooks love to install the three types of people posing as fraud in the identity of the operator, leadership, courier three categories of personnel has become the first choice for the liar. A liar will excuse to redeem and other business for SMS verification code, to give red envelopes "advance" or by claiming unpaid, shopping for the victim of payment. In August this year, a financial staff surnamed Zhou Zhengzhou encountered fraud posing as leaders, the "leadership" to give Lee remittance grounds, Mr. Zhou cheated several million. Reporters found that the leadership of similar cases in the form of text messages are generally required subordinate remittances, and often excuse their own time in a hurry, do not give each other a chance to ask carefully. To avoid such fraud, we must keep in mind to ask for the password verification code, telephone or SMS to repeated confirmation, can not be easily revealed to each other. The "leadership" requirements of the transfer, to advance face recognition, to avoid unnecessary losses. Encountered claims that online shopping products appear abnormal, courier errors and other issues, the first call to call the official website of the shopping website for information. A new fixed position in the morning out fraud liar according to the data in the report, in August 360 to analyze the intercept telephone fraud after the discovery, fixed telephone and 400, paragraph 800.相关的主题文章: