Amazon wants to get all kinds of sports rights help online TV service yo te amo

Amazon to obtain all kinds of sports events to help copyright online TV service Amazon is seeking the French sports events copyright Phoenix Technology News Beijing on September 9th news, according to foreign media reports, informed sources, for its online TV service in order to attract more new users, Amazon is seeking to acquire all kinds of sports rights, including the French Open tennis tournament and occupation football. The world’s largest online retailer has expressed interest in the world’s most popular sporting events such as tennis, golf, football and racing, according to people close to the talks. Amazon is also interested in popular sporting events in the United States, such as basketball and baseball, although most of the copyright is difficult to obtain in the foreseeable future. Live through sports, they can’t get in the Amazon can bring Netflix competitive product content to the audience, but also to weaken the traditional media companies for some of the most valuable TV content control. Amazon has invested billions of dollars in TV shows and movies on demand every year, and since the end of 2015, it has also been exploring ways to make pay TV services. According to analysts said, in consultation with potential partners, Amazon stressed the popularity of Amazon Prime, the service is currently about 63 million of U.S. users. Users pay $99 per year for a free service service of $two, you can access Amazon Prime Video, but also to pay additional fees to subscribe to Showtime, Seeso, Starz and other additional services. Amazon declined to comment. The breach allegedly, although the copyright negotiations progress is unclear, but Amazon does want to compete in the field of sports exhibition. Earlier this year the company hired the former "Sports Illustrated" executive James · Lorenzo (James DeLorenzo) leadership of its sports department. According to the information from the LinkedIn, a former YouTube executive Charlie · (Charlie Neiman); then in May of this year to join Amazon, responsible for sports cooperation and business development. In sports, the main challenge is copyright. Sports content is the most expensive of all kinds of media content. Disney’s ESPN each year is just NFL (NFL) copyright spending close to $2 billion. Although NFL, NBA and other mainstream sports events in the United States in the next few years, commercial television rights have been locked, but Amazon may also find a breakthrough. Some of the sports leagues, such as MLB (MLB), have their own networks that are already providing live online games through their own applications and services. Amazon may be able to add content to Prime in the form of additional services, like Showtime. People familiar with the matter said the company also proposed a selection of events in the Prime Video. Viewers can watch Amazon’s original program, "transparent home" (Transparent) received a specific game to open)相关的主题文章: