Alice in Wonderland learning spoken time is not a thief beself

"Alice in Wonderland" learn English: time is not a thief the film tells Alice to return to Wonderland in order to save the Mad Hatter and her friend, together with the White Queen and a group of old friends, start a bright beautiful, unforgettable fantasy adventure. Alice in the past few years with his father to go sailing on the sea, returning to London after she met a wonderful mirror through the mirror, she once again returned to the wonderland, and the old friends met white rabbit, caterpillar, the Mad Hatter, but this time the Mad Hatter is not original to him, the White Queen help Alice through the teleport clock inside the instrument back to the past, at different points before she met friends and enemies, where she must confront with time, time is running out to save the Mad Hatter, and mysterious sphere sparkling is to help Alice’s back to the key. [Time:All ] word fragment is  well. Yes? Alice:I know  you  tried  to  warn  me. But  I  didn ‘t  listen.   m  ‘I; sorry. I  used  think  Time  was  thief; stealing  everything  I  loved; to . But  I  see  that  you  give  before  you  now  take. And  everyday  is  a  gift. Every   hour; every  minute; every  second. Time:The  fallen  solider. I  suppose  you  want  me  to  fix  it. Alice:No; I  want  you  to have  it. He  used  to  say  that  o Chun相关的主题文章: