Ali teamed up to create a mobile gaming giant network sports new world tokyo hot n0476

Ali teamed up to create a mobile gaming giant network sports new world sports in September 8th, Ali Partner Conference held in Shanghai. Ali sports conference in sports events, media service platform, electricity supplier business in the field of throw weight and cooperation, showing the Internet Ali in the development of the sports industry, into a new strong power over the industry, but also for the sports industry in the capital of the heat in the teeth of the storm are given new way. But in sports Ali officially announced a cooperation strategy based on mobile gaming and the giant network between. Partner Conference the two giants of cooperation, Ali will invest 100 million of the amount of sports, the ball around the "big fight" mobile gaming tournament system, globalization strategy games, mobile gaming platform users and value-added services, and the club players qualify for the commercial operation, star culture building, ecological construction of sports leagues, the global strategic deployment events. IP derivatives development and sales of seven aspects of cooperation and planning, both sides hope to build a comprehensive and professional mobile gaming ecosystem. Ali CEO Zhang and bell sports giant network president Liu Wei launched the cooperation since its establishment in September 9th last year, Ali sports, has been in benign ecological construction Internet plus sports as the development direction of the enterprise, invested 100 million yuan to build the world E-sports games (WESG), to the Olympic Games the standards and requirements, create independent electronic sports events IP the. In August this year, after China qualifiers, the continents qualifying has been in full swing, the global application of the contestants from 125 countries and regions, WESG has become the first cover of the African continent comprehensive tournament. It will be China and the world’s third largest independent tournament. The mobile gaming strategy with the giant network to an important piece of puzzle will complement the Ali sports gaming strategy in the real events and the platform system of firepower. At the same time, as China’s online game industry pioneer and leader, giant network is now in the field of mobile gaming amazing breakthrough. Its hand travel since the research on behalf of the journey of the mobile phone version, the ball and the ball and so on in 2016 set off a discussion of the phenomenon of the industry level, to prove its strength in the development of mobile gaming era is still strong. At present, the ball ball battle in the world has more than 130 million of the Equipment Holdings, DAU, monthly active users exceeded the number of 55 million. 2016, "big ball" combat force mobile gaming distribution system planning events throughout the year more than more than and 400 online games, not less than 10000 minutes long. The "ball big fight" online open on June smoothly, "Tanta Cup" elite challenge has become one of the most popular ChinaJoy games, and the world’s first leisure sports occupation League BPL in September 3rd grand opening, and then the ball "big fight" will also have more third party events and campus events etc.. Giant network president Ms. Liu Wei said: "based on the quality of game development and operation of the issuance of the giant network, and Ali cooperation in sports has a dominant level user platform and international sports competition experience, will undoubtedly.相关的主题文章: