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Add it, this is definitely not a shrimp! Sohu and eating braised prawns, shrimp stew chowhound girl to try a new way of cereal shrimp ~ WHAT? Can also make the shrimp shrimp? Yes, I can only say that this is not in the shrimp xianao, taste really good, you have to try it ~ we prepare the food 10 shrimp Video 1 15g egg flour corn flour 15g cup oatmeal 15g sugar 5g chicken 15g milk 10g salt 20 curry leaves 4 pepper (slice) 50g salt butter steps 1 clean cut shrimp, shrimp feet, cut back, remove the shrimp line. 2 eggs into the egg, pour shrimp bowl; add salt, flour (sieve), stirring; plus corn flour (sieve), stir well. 3 the temperature of 170 DEG C, fry 2-3 minutes, remove and drain the oil stand-by. The 4 bowl of cereal with milk, sugar, salt, chicken powder and mix well. 5 hot butter, melted butter, curry leaves, pepper, oatmeal mixture, stir fry evenly. 6 add fried prawns, stir fry evenly, the pot can be. Later at home can no longer do whenever and wherever possible, the restaurant should choose 1 ~ Tips dry pure oatmeal is good, should not be ordinary cereal, oatmeal is used as pure grain Yan and rolling, were flat, the equivalent diameter of soybean grain, shape and its nutritional value is much higher than the ordinary cereal. 2 shrimp to cut customers, is in the shrimp back at the cross of a knife, don’t cut off; this method can make the easy fried shrimp and stir evenly fried thoroughly, also easily inhaled taste. 3 suggestions to use butter fried oatmeal and fried shrimp, can let them with fragrant butter flavor, is not easy to eat greasy. 4 with butter to cooking temperature should not be too high, easy to meet high temperature butter black, will make the dishes into bitter taste. 5 want fried shrimp have cheese, flour and corn flour in, add a little cheese, cheese powder due to high heat, easy to eat more fat, so less for good. The workshop, theMEATMENchannel map, delicacy相关的主题文章: