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A week home appliance: Appliance customer service   chaos frequent storm; TV – home appliance — people.com.cn The climate does not suit one.? – appliance customer service chaos: 5 cents can solve 300 "have to spend 5 cents for a fuse has done, why I insist to repair the entire motherboard change let me pay 300 dollars?" In the face of reporters, Mr. Yang expressed his understanding of SIEMENS aftermarket maintenance. With > > > – Surface TV sales next year will break 4 million units with the surface of the industry chain gradually mature, curved TV has become popular in the high-end. According to estimates of market research agencies in the PRC, market, Chinese curved TV in 2017 is expected to exceed 4 million units. With > > > – storm TV TV Market: industry does not recognize the The climate does not suit one. capital favored the group Limited by Share Ltd (300431.SZ) announced on August 8th that its storm TV has been in the A round of financing obtained by the Ningbo Airlines Chen investment management partnership of 200 million yuan investment, financing 2 billion yuan after the valuation of the company. With > > > GREE 13 billion – Ho purchased silver long diversification too hard? Since Dong Mingzhu took over the GREE mobile phone, do rice cooker, bet with Lei Jun, every move GREE will cause hot discussion from all walks of life. August 23rd, GREE electric union Zhuhai silver long new energy Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as silver long) in Zhuhai headquarters on the acquisition of shares issued by GREE Electric Appliance Co., Ltd. and supporting the acquisition of funds held a media conference. With > > > – children’s cartoon appliances function is not strong the price is not low when the 80 generation has become a collective mom and Dad, willing to spend money for their children seems to have become the "Daddy", "freaky" features, so, in the consumer market, as long as with children with it not afraid of no market. With > > > – type electric toy sales are prohibited consumers reacted differently according to China’s "security" provisions of household and similar electrical appliances, appliance shell shape and decoration, should not make the equipment easily by children as toys. With > > > – 11 years with the air conditioning fire consumers are demanding business twenty thousand yuan for Hangzhou at the end of July, when it is hot, many people are hiding in the air-conditioned room to enjoy the cool. But for Ms. Jiang, who lives in Jianggan District, this summer is really difficult, because her home air conditioning failure, a black smoke, can not be used. With > > >     (commissioning editor: Jiang Qi, Shi Yaqiao)相关的主题文章: