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A diagram to understand how to lose weight eat lead: what to eat to lose weight? How to eat is not long fat? A picture to tell you! (source: 39 Health) do you know what the most asked question is for the nine girls? That is: * * * can eat when losing weight?" To tell the truth, the food itself is innocent, don’t hurt it, don’t hurt me, OK? Since you are so tangled what "eat in" lose weight on this issue, that’s what we’ll stroked the food, how should be arranged! First of all, we see from this chart, we eat three meals a day is also the three main nutrients: protein, carbohydrates and fats. In fact, protein and fat is better to distinguish, nothing more than from the meat, beans, and oil to the middle! The only difficult to distinguish is in fact our daily carbohydrate staple food, eat fruits, vegetables, such as potatoes, taro and so on, Steamed Rice, most of these are carbohydrates!!! How do we match? In fact, collocation of food and clothes collocation is the same as the collocation of clothes to wear underwear, tops, bottoms, shoes! I don’t care if you’re wearing pants or skirts, but these 4 categories you must wear, or streaking embarrassing? Eat to refuse streaking, so protein, carbohydrate, fat, every meal to eat whole. The most stupid way is from the above chart, each kind of food choice, and then eat 7 points, enough! Not as complicated as you think! So I rely on carbon water to eat fruit, will thin faster? Some people read the pictures of the beginning of their collocation, I eat a handful of nuts per meal, a chicken breast meat, then eat the fruit, can you? Why do we have to eat before the staple food? Because you are a sister. Yes, because you are a sister, so in addition to weight loss, you have to consider fertility, aging related issues! Do not eat the staple food is the most serious consequences of menstruation, so you just remember, Chinese food, we must eat some such as whole wheat bread, oats, brown rice and other staple food!! You don’t want me to eat rice! Are you healthy? When will I not let you eat rice? Are there only 27 kinds of food in the world? Certainly not! As we are at school, you have to learn by analogy, you have to learn to classify! The protein is classified as one kind, the carbon water is classified as one kind, then the fat is classified as one kind! Then each meal can be like the emperor turned brand, when turning three, happy to have no friends ah ~ but you have to believe that the picture listed, is the best food! The best protein source of carbon, water and fat. PS: as modern people, everyone’s rice noodles, really eat too much too much. .相关的主题文章: