90 seconds, Zhang Ruoyun and Wallace Huo know the suspense film starring Wang Kai so fire girlfriend clazziquai

90 seconds, Zhang Ruoyun and Wallace Huo know the suspense film starring Wang Kai so fire girlfriend for "husband" straight guys don’t want to know why? [Abstract] the new Wallace Huo movie "hide and seek" film, thriller starring Zhang Ruoyun and Wang Kai in the hit, the 3 men of God at the same time PK who is superior? In the end they have what charm let us keep chasing! Question 1:: how to weave the suspense film not so horrible? The masses: of course, is to have a handsome male master ah! I will not be afraid the whole well I’ll tell you a story: in the city there is a strange rumors some stray outside of no fixed abode would sneak into someone’s house to hide himself one day to replace the original owner to live…… Roar! Well, don’t scare you ~ ed is actually released veteran Wallace Huo film. Directed by Liu Jie, Wallace Huo, Hailu Qin and Qian Wan Star, summer special star and Dong Zijian starred in the thriller "friendship" hide and seek, in November 4 Zhdenledo Sen, in the end to meet difficulties, cadres. In fact, like the fairies as ~ Although we are watching Korean small lift, but have small molecule ~ restless always can not help but want to challenge the limits of a heart. I heard "hide and seek" starring in serial murder set from the real social events, the film is shocked and Wallace Huo is so handsome! ~Question 2: series: in addition to the face, Wallace Huo’s other parts where attract you? (shy face) masses: the hands of the cadres fried chicken look good! Angular hand and Shuaiguo standard! So’s little secret in your heart know a little, so in the old cadre choose watch is also under the foot work. Weave the hearts of OS: finally to work in just ways "lick" hand in the film Wallace Huo plays a successful a family lived in a Premium Apartment House, happy life, easy people. The director in order to highlight the design, select the IWC IWC big pilot for Wallace Huo, but the price of money Oh ~ straight to highlight their wrist charm, can be on the watch under the foot, because the girl who are "hand control"! In order to "lick their face" even suspense horror film will not miss you, what are you waiting for!? [Wallace Huo led KK Wang blaze a new path in the suspense film! In fact, this is not the first time Wallace Huo] shock thriller, as early as last year when he was to join the king in "Kaikai he comes, please close your eyes in the" big show "when the woman style~ a beast in human clothing" affectionately called Wallace Huo "thin God, let the children wind abstinence bachibuzhu… Full of thin God. The first time Jane Liao Yao (Ma Sichun) is wearing a black watch, thin calm and lovely a great contrast adorable Oh ~ mature charm of Jane Yao and wear a watch did not resist. Wallace Huo is known as a" veteran "because he is not too cold for social media, the network of vocabulary, trendy electronics is not very interested in, almost a" simple life of ancient people ". Some people think they are too OUT, but do not know, although they are not sensitive to fashionable new things, but hidden in a unique good taste. Panerai Tutton~相关的主题文章: