6 year old child sleeping alone at home grandmother to buy food back that grandson falls-tinyos

6 year old child sleeping alone at home grandmother to buy food back found grandson falls very poor! I’m afraid I can’t get it back……" Yesterday, Hangzhou Binjiang district residents Qian Tang Fuga, speaking of a boy accidentally falls, they shook their heads. A resident told me that she knew the situation: the boy 6 years old, yesterday had to go to kindergarten, because of fever, please leave, parents go to work, the child in the grandmother to take care of. Morning morning, the boy in the bed, Grandma see him very quiet, I went out to buy food. "My grandmother to buy food back, do not see the child on the bed, looking for a room full of people can not find, called have no one to answer, and finally found the grandson in the two floor balcony." One of the big sister said, she went to the small bedroom windowsill look down, the child has been on the two floor balcony motionless, blood flow……" "My grandmother was feeble, lying on the windowsill crying, or others playing 120. 120, as if the child had died on the spot. And Grandma had a heart attack and was hospitalized." Residents say the boy is falling down from the 5 floor to the two floor, falling platform, analysis of an uncle, from the chamber position, the child should be from their own small bedroom windowsill falling. The river police station was the scene, identified as accidental falls incident. No one outside the area to protect the cage, now the house does not allow the installation of security cage, feeling insecure children." Within the District, one holding a small grandson’s grandmother said, Qian Tang is the elegant high-rise buildings, each building has 33 layers, from bottom to top, the head will be dizzy. I watched, no one family to install outdoor cage. I walked into a household home, see the general bedroom floor to the windowsill height, 1 meters in the first place, there are climbing nature of the child, there are security risks. Property to allow the installation of the cage it? The elegant Qian Tang property manager Wang said, "beyond the installation Wailimian cage, in principle is not allowed, you see, will affect the appearance of the cage like that, commercial housing is not the old district. But inside the anti-theft window is ok." Was the grandson of the grandmother said, her daughter was at noon all the windows are installed inside the anti-theft window, spent a total of 4000 yuan. I asked a lot of residents in the District, most people said, after the accident began to consider the installation of indoor anti-theft window. Never put the child alone in the house of the sleeping child, adults go out to buy things, the children wake up to find adults Fanchuang falls what happens almost every year. March 5, 2016, the city of a 4 year old girl alone at home, from the home of the fall of the 11 floor, thanks to the bottom of the cage and sticks to protect the barrier, life without obstruction. The afternoon of October 12, 2015, Enteromorpha Dongyuan and a half years old boy fell from the 16 floor, ultimately did not come to the rescue. When grandfather with grandson took a nap, watching grandson slept well, want to go to the supermarket to buy some rice, buying meters back, the child has dropped from the balcony, after less than 20 minutes. The afternoon of October 13, 2012, Rihui village, a 5 year old boy falling from the 4 floor. Grandpa and grandson watched TV at home. Grandpa downstairs to pick up the person, go out when the door on the belt. In the downstairs waiting for 10 minutes did not see people, suddenly someone called the child fell down. Provincial child protection science director heart.相关的主题文章: