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Cold game knowledge: you don’t know "Conan the barbarian" exile Conan [Sina video game original area shall not be reproduced without permission] today we say the content may be more popular, but it’s a movie game animation comic novels can be a lot, in Europe and the United States is a relatively hot old IP, it was the movie starring Arno Schwarzer or even xingge. The governor is based on the IP of the film fire called "Conan the barbarian (Conan the Barbarian)", it is fantasy writer Robert E Howard (Robert E Howard) in 1930s to write a fantasy novel "Conan the barbarian (also known as the" pretty Wang Kenan ")", depicts a full of darkness magic and brutal fictional prehistoric world. Because of the sword and Magic (HEN Huang hen Baoli) set by the time is very popular with young people, so this "Conan" series of decades enduring, gradually from novels to the movies, games, animation and so on all super IP. In February next year to launch a sandbox game "Conan" is derived from this series of exiles. Europe and the United States is now open to the game is open world game… At that time, this "Conan", who is a fan of the series to explain to friends of the Conan is that Conan in Japan, the two great style difference, can be said to a full point skill points in the brain, another point in the whole muscle…… Conan on the main line of the novel is about the story of the story of revenge for the parents of the tribe of Conan, simple and direct, a road is also very consistent with the image of the barbarians. Pornographic and violent always implement this series but to say that we China children met Conan for the first time, I’m afraid to start from the beginning of the 90s various local stations broadcast dubbed cartoon "JiangMo warrior". I believe this animation has been with the passage of time slowly disappeared in the 80 90 children’s memory. But I was impressed by the animation, the story is still Conan to save their parents and set foot on the adventure (roughly the original story is the same, because the animation is certainly a lot of harmony). His journey also encountered a lot of magic teammates, their main enemy is a viper. Conan himself is equipped with a sword and a shield (attached to Phoenix video Jun added: Stars iron!) The sword, Viper seal into other worlds, the Phoenix shield can summon a weird little phoenix. Unfortunately, this animated China in some TV stations has not aired, reportedly because of violence (compared with the original film or simply mild), this animation is the soundless and stirless disappeared in 90s. At present, there are few resources in this animation, and there are only pure English subtitles. Since then, we have to see Conan may be in the era of the Internet movie. First of all, Shiva Singer, who starred in the 1982 "barbarian man," the movie, was a commercial success, with a worldwide box office revenue of more than $100 million ($). There were a lot of ways.相关的主题文章: