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Less a cylinder of BMW 3 series, is it into or retreat? Two years ago, the first of the new BMW car series of officially listed on the market, the same as in previous generations, is still divided into the axis version and the long axis version. Just 316 of the original name changed to 318, the original of the name of the company was renamed to 330, the recent BMW engineers are in the study of the number of it? "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "". "" "" "" "" A joke, we put emphasis on the 318i and 318Li, right! To analyze its new three cylinder engine! Comparison of 1.5T 1.6T four cylinder three cylinder first look at a section of the 316I engine (Standard Version and the version of the long axis of the engine shaft, in the case of 316I), equipped with 1.6T turbocharged inline four cylinder engine, capable of delivering 136 horsepower. To tell the truth 1.6T four cylinder engine, so that horsepower can only be said to be too small, as such a movement of the vehicle, a little lack of power matching. The new 318i has abandoned the original 1.6T four cylinder engine, turn into the three cylinder engine ranks, equipped with a 1.5T inline three cylinder engine, with 136 horsepower horsepower. Exactly the same horsepower as 1.6T’s four cylinder engine! According to this data, with three cylinders instead of the four cylinder, but in terms of horsepower did not decline. This is certainly the progress of the same power less a cylinder, in terms of fuel consumption is definitely moving forward. Is that what it is? The advantages and disadvantages of 1.6T four cylinder and 1.5T cylinder with the large displacement of the engine gradually away, small displacement engine is more and more popular, of course, there are also a large part of the reason is because of strict emission standards for the three. Three cylinder four cylinder than the advantage of (1) the displacement is small, with low fuel consumption of natural, conform to the development trend of automobile (2) technology to make up for the lack of power in the three cylinder and four cylinder with horsepower. Four cylinder than the advantages of the three cylinder (1) power output more than a smooth cylinder of more than three, in the details of the driving experience, the first cylinder of more than four cylinders in more than one point. (2) the noise of the four cylinder is much smaller than that of the three cylinder, and in terms of jitter, the three cylinder is more obvious than the four cylinder. Personal understanding of this trend will only go far, in order to adapt to the current status of emissions control, BMW has created a three cylinder engine. It is the reason that it exists, through the technology can be achieved at the same time, reduce fuel and emissions, really rare! But at the same time progress, it is inevitable to lose something, such as four cylinder smooth, etc…. Some things can not be made up by technology. To sum up, there is no way to go backward or forward, the progress of new technology is indeed progress, but the consequent loss of smooth can not be said to be regressive. This is the driving force of the times, we just need to face the heart, waiting for its performance can be! Buy a car car, answer attention WeChat public number: my car on a small series have been lined up, waiting for you!相关的主题文章: