Beijing Fujian railway response to the typhoon Meranti – Transport Scheme 纪元1701

Fujian railway response to the typhoon "Meranti" – Beijing transportation scheme of Beijing Fuzhou in September 16, (Long Min) landed in Xiamen Xiangan strong typhoon "Meranti" early in the morning of September 15th, a dangerous situation caused tremendous damage. Nanchang Railway Bureau, Zhang long, hang Shen Yong Po, Chang Fu, Yingtan, Feng Fu, Zhang long, Zhang Quan and other lines suffered strong winds, heavy rains hit, affected to varying degrees, especially the eagle ha line to Xiamen Gaoqi Xinglin between power supply equipment severely damaged, resulting in the interruption of power supply section. Nanchang Railway Bureau, 16, after the disaster, immediately mobilized personnel, equipment, machinery and equipment rushed to the scene, emergency repair equipment, patrol line conditions, good passenger service. At the same time, the dynamic adjustment of transport plan. In September 16th 42 passenger trains outage: Xiamen to Lanzhou Z126 7, Xiamen to Beijing West K572 times, Xiamen to Changchun Z104 1 times, Xiamen to Shanghai South K1210 times, Xiamen to Ganzhou K5892 times, Xiamen to Beijing West Z308 times, Xiamen to Chongqing North K336, Xiamen Guiyang K946 3 times to 7 times, Xiamen 1 to Zhengzhou K744 times Ganzhou to Xiamen K5893 times. Xiamen to Fuzhou D6202 times, Fuzhou to Xiamen North 6215, Zhaoan to Xiamen D8932 times, Xiamen to Fuzhou D6206 times, Fuzhou to Xiamen D6223 times, Xiamen to Fuzhou D6216 times, Fuzhou to Xiamen D6235 times, Fuzhou to Xiamen D6234 times, Ganzhou to Xiamen D6581 times, Xiamen to Ganzhou D6582 times, Ganzhou and Fuzhou D6573 2, from Xiamen to Shandong G5302 times, Shandong Wuyi Wuyi to Fuzhou G5251, Longyan North D6477 times to Xiamen, Longyan to Xiamen D6475 times, Xiamen to Longyan G6476 times Fuzhou to Shandong G5254 times, Shandong Wuyi Wuyi to Xiamen G5303 times, Longyan to Xiamen D6471 times, Xiamen to Longyan D6472 times, Longyan to Xiamen D6473, Xiamen to Longyan D6474 times. Xiamen north to Shenzhen North D2329 times, Quanzhou to Shenzhen North D2313, Shenzhen north to Xiamen D674 times, Xiamen to Shenzhen North D673, Shenzhen north to Fuzhou south to Hangzhou D672 times, Xiamen East G1680 times, Hangzhou East G1679 times Xiamen, Quanzhou North D2315 times to Shenzhen, Putian to Shenzhen North D681 times, Xiamen to Shenzhen North D2335 times. September 16th change the origin of the final train station 6: Xiamen to Taiyuan K904 times, Xiamen to East K298, Xiamen to Z296 on the 7, Xiamen to K230 on the to change the starting point of the 1 station. Xiamen to Xi’an K244 1 times to Zhangzhou station departure. Xiamen north to the south of the G356 changed to FuZhou South Railway Station. It is reported that during the Yingtan Xiamen line to Xiamen Gaoqi Xinglin power supply equipment repair room, Nanchang Railway Bureau EMU origin to the end of the XiaMen Railway Station in XiaMen North Railway Station and Zhangzhou station of origin to the end, specific information can be queried 12306 railway customer service platform. (end)相关的主题文章: