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Electrostatic walk away! Autumn and winter pregnant mother to beware of "electricity" – Sohu mother returned to Beijing for the dry season, autumn and winter most frequently subjected to electrostatic harassment. For pregnant mom, have you ever been to the electrostatic "electric" miserable? Static electricity can cause fatigue irritability, headache, dry skin, allergies, itching, etc.. In addition, there are a large number of electrostatic adsorption of dust, including viruses, bacteria and other harmful substances, inhalation of the mother and fetus have a certain impact. Therefore, pregnant mothers should pay attention to the prevention, beware of being". An important element of static electricity is dry air, if you are worried about the humidifier radiation on the body is not good, can be placed in a pot of water heating, with a good absorbent cloth head in the water, a ride in a heating, so that each room, the room will feel moist and pleasant. Electrostatic no natural environment. The most likely to wear a strip of static electricity, how to do? First of all, the pregnant mother choose cotton kind of clothes as far as possible in the dressing to avoid wool and chemical fiber products. The wear strip, as long as the back wall, can release the electronic body on the attachment, will not be crackling". For the long hair of the pregnant mother, when hair stubbornly paste in the face, as long as the comb moistened with water, go to the hair, the hair will immediately docile. In the choice to choose the comb horn comb or a wooden comb, are difficult to think of electrostatic. In addition, increasing vitamin groups and acidic food intake, such as carrots, tomatoes, cabbage, tofu etc.; in a variety of indoor flowers and plants, avoid long time contact with computer and television; wash hands, wash bath, keep indoor air circulation. Have a warm family, can also choose to walk barefoot on the floor, let the soles of the feet touching the ground directly "discharge". I believe that the above method, the pregnant mother in the autumn and winter can easily get rid of static electricity, a comfortable warm winter!相关的主题文章: