NetEase market capitalization exceeded 30 billion U.S. dollars for 2 months rose by 5 billion utc行家

NetEase market value exceeded $30 billion in 2 months rose 5 billion according to Eastern time September 12th 16 stocks closing data show that the NetEase closed the day at $230.07, up $16.90, or 7.93%, a market capitalization of $30 billion 422 million. NetEase market value has exceeded 30 billion. The market value of NetEase this year continued to rise in 2 months rose 5 billion this year has experienced many NetEase in the market rose in early 2016, the NetEase market capitalization of $20 billion, about half a year later, in June 30th, the NetEase market value of $25 billion 428 million, half the time that rose to about $5 billion. And now only 2 months or so in the past, the market value of NetEase was once again a new breakthrough, is still up about $5 billion, but the time has gone through more than doubled. NetEase and high market capitalization of $30 billion so far this year to maintain high growth, thanks to the company’s online games, advertising services, email, continuing to enhance the market performance of a number of business electricity supplier etc.. Online game business more flowers than expected "new" onmyoji Mr. Ding Lei said at the NetEase Q2 earnings, NetEase continues to launch boutique games, innovative technology and effective marketing strategy, excellent performance, reflects the NetEase leadership in the Chinese online game industry. In Q3, the NetEase to continue in the boutique, innovative and effective marketing strategy level show a dazzling performance from Zhou Yilai, the NetEase has been in the game for several days in the top ten best-selling iOS even before five accounted for more than half of the seats. As of the date (September 13th 16), the NetEase in the iPad bestseller list of the top five occupy four seats in the top twenty, occupy six seats, can be described as more flowering, market performance is very eye-catching. Since the research of new products, yin and Yang, excellent performance, the players react and market performance exceeded expectations, is the overall performance of the recent eye-catching list, as well as the company’s market value of one of the biggest boost. The game landed on September 2nd App Store, the full day of the platform on the same day in September 9th is packed with servers within an hour. According to the data provided by the project team, the game at this stage of the DAU has exceeded 1 million 400 thousand since September 2nd, Apple’s debut so far, the number of new users has reached 4 million, the whole platform on the same day the line is packed in an hour server. "Onmyoji" "onmyoji" Mobile Games Mobile Games real-time barrage play so far, "onmyoji" continued stable iPhone and iPad game download list of the top five best-selling List Ranking to maintain an upward trend, from the initial 60 quickly rose to the top 20, the game only on less than two weeks, has been ranked iPhone, iPad dual platform top ten bestsellers. As a careful study of NetEase and the wind card works, yin and Yang division is the best performing two dimensional hand travel this year, but also the subdivision of the field in the domestic market this year, the first real explosion. Four end tour IP in the mobile terminal with dazzling events, cross-border cooperation are concerned. In addition, Mobile Games derived four heavyweight end tour IP NetEase’s game, including ".相关的主题文章: