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"Farewell" small mouth overflowing "next year." Hai Qing Huang Lei online entertainment Sohu "small dew mystery -" Hai Qing Hai Qing Huang Lei and Hai Qing stills were social platform entertainment Sohu directed by Wang Jun, Huang Lei, Hai Qing, starring Zifeng Zhhang, TFboys starred in the urban family big emotional drama "little parting" ended in Beijing, Zhejiang satellite tv. In the audience shouted enough fun on the occasion, Hai Qing online posting said with you will meet again next year. Huang Lei, director Wang Jun all and everyone seems to make an agreement, "small separation" second point the day and await for it. Hai Qing micro-blog next year to see second days ago that creative collective, TV drama "farewell" finale aired on the Internet, Hai Qing drying out a photo of Huang Lei and Zifeng Zhhang, and with the text: "see you next year!" Many netizens have speculated that the small separation will broadcast second, and the director Wang Jun and Huang Lei have issued a document, said tomorrow will continue to lead the front. For the second part, it also has a lot of friends early when the "writer", to see Xiao Yu and blossoming marriage together, but also like shooting immigrants after life, and someone even said that the brain hole wide open cast film costume drama. And more users still do not care about what to say, as long as Huang Lei and Hai Qing, a pair of children and teachers, the number of sets will do. Hai Qing will be branded as a leading actor in the drama as a constant concern about the reality of the TV drama actress, Hai Qing for many years to create a lot of vivid characters. And through their performances to the public to show the real life of a certain group of people, causing public attention to the group or class. But this time, Hai Qing starred in "farewell" is such an educational theme drama, she will live in a large city in the middle class, that the children of hope, and is very down to earth for his own life, the expression of anxiety. In fact, the recent network drama, TV market have ushered in a sequel or season broadcast mode, this mode can be a TV products into full play, and in a certain basis to viewers, according to public opinion of reform and innovation. At the same time, the "separation" is played original signs, have experienced high quality works market inspection, professional security team, presumably this drama will shine in the TV market next year.相关的主题文章: