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Beck do Chang album vinyl reprint new album release next month Beck Sina entertainment news Beijing on September 22nd news, according to foreign media reports, the creation of American singer Beck (Beck) metrosexual man will reprint most of his album "Morning Phase", in addition, all of Beck’s film will sing by vinyl records re released. It is understood that in all the works of Beck, "Odelay", "Sea Change" and "Guero" these three records will take the lead in the first batch of listed in October 28th. As of now, the remaining few records "Mellow Gold", "Mutations", "Midnight Vultures", "The Information" and "Modern Guilt" edition of the release date has not been determined. Not long ago, Beck has just released a new single "Wow" music video, last year, Beck has also launched a song "Dreams", the two first new single will be included in Beck since 2014’s "Morning Phase" of the new record. The local time on October 21st, this has not yet been named Beck’s new album will be officially released by Capitol company. In an interview with British media, Beck has revealed that he had tried to cooperate with Chance the Rapper in the single "Wow". "I really like Chance the Rapper’s new record," Beck said. "We tried to get Chance the Rapper four or five months ago, and I’m not sure what will happen to me," said." Speaking of his new album, Beck said: "I feel a lot of freedom in this album, I have a lot of time to work slowly and try something new. I will go a long way and then go a long way in the other direction. In the process of making this record, I had a lot of different ideas, these interesting ideas in pushing me in different directions." (KFCMAN)相关的主题文章: