Taste of the country and the driving force of the autumn cloud rhyme autumn series activities open 纪元1701

"The taste of country? Self driving Miyun the charm of autumn autumn" series of activities to open in Yunmeng Mountains, Wuling Mountain, Black dragon Pool, the white dragon lake… Miyun leaves only, or into the poem picturesque scenery. The breath of autumn is coming, driving the car quickly to Miyun. Fog Spirit Valley area red maple leaf ornamental colorful, sparkling lake, fruity, long ancient house. In September 26th, Miyun District autumn tour series of activities to curl, Beijing tourism network, Miyun tourism network has synchronous on-line, push the autumn series of activities. It is understood that the autumn tourism activities, to taste the countryside? Self driving Miyun autumn charm "as the theme, launched the" poem picturesque scenery — Miyun leaves "," ran the houses — home gathered, sweet and delicious fruit, fruit picking, indispensable happiness – experience "of the four major themes of the project. Miyun District Tourism Committee invited 35 mainstream media in Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei, to the car inspection line way, Miyun autumn experience. Autumn color is red. Here is the Miyun Reservoir Shirakawa Canyon, the Great Wall, fog Spirit Valley inside and outside the three frontier Xiongguan maple leaf ornamental area, Yunmeng Mountains, Black dragon Pool, and other scenic Yunfeng Mountain West tour viewing point, to Gubei Town, Wuling Mountain is the East tour viewing point, Miyun leaves with wide distribution area, stretching length for the characteristics, allowing visitors to appreciate the "color" of Miyun whenever and wherever possible. It is worth mentioning that Gubei town backed by the Great Wall Simatai embrace natural hot springs, where visitors can not only feel the Jiangnan Town chic and elegant, but also to enjoy the magnificent the Great Wall, red flowers, spring water. Homestay is rural scenery. In recent years, Miyun folk tourism is committed to high-end, the emergence of Simatai village, Yu Gelao and a number of emerging folk village, dry valley "mountain shelter" and "high-end Villaggio Boutique Hotel Bei Jing courtyard" as the representative of the 23 boutique hostel. The ancient houses in carefully after renovation, wall tiles, courtyard houses, exquisite decoration and clean environment, has become a unique landscape of the village. Visitors to appreciate the Miyun beauty at the same time, but also personally feel the farm house brought nostalgia people fun, enjoy the slow life away from the city. Food is a gift of nature. In the fruit stand over and over to find fresh fruits, to Miyun big orchard picking and eating directly. This fall, launched a special 27 apple, pear, jujube, watermelon and other fruits, fruit picking garden, reveling in the world. In addition to fresh fruit, Miyun another delicacy — reservoir fish in the autumn launch, the reputation of the Miyun Yu Jie had out grass carp, carp, silver carp fish smell, experience the traditional approach can save fresh fragrant and delicious fish is quite exquisite whole fish feast. Experience is the way to happiness. Jingu kailian Festival, Gubei town lantern party, Changyu AFIP dance contest and festival lighting dream fun experience activities with friends in size, in addition to Kangshunda picking garden, Gubeikou village launched promotions will let visitors have a fun and not expensive holiday. Miyun autumn interpretation of a different kind of wonderful, is an extreme sensory journey, looking forward to the majority of visitors immediately embark on a journey to open Miyun Jinqiu)相关的主题文章: