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Shanghai new network about cars need Shanghai Shanghai brand drops responded or will cause a new agency in Shanghai to improve the fare (Ma Huayu) in October 8, the Shanghai Municipal Traffic Commission 8 officially on the net about new car "to the public to solicit opinions. The new deal in the country on the basis of the provisions of the network about the car, the new vehicle and driver needs to Shanghai Shanghai Shanghai membership requirements. The same day, the "Shanghai city network booking taxi business service management regulations (Draft)" (hereinafter referred to as the "Regulations"), "on the deepening reform and promoting the healthy development of the taxi industry and the implementation of the views of" the city "on the norms of private minibus carpool travel implementation opinions" three documents to start the public comments. The "provision" requirement in Shanghai in the net about the car business platform, vehicle and driver in accordance with the national "network booking a taxi management service management procedures" on the basis of, should also satisfy some conditions, including: the platform company should have online and offline service ability of the enterprise legal person, not registered in Shanghai platform the company should set up branches in the city; network service platform data management department supervision access traffic administrative industry platform, undertake the responsibilities of the carrier. Network about cars should be registered in Shanghai; to the city regulations may be registered motor vehicle emission standards; fuel vehicle wheelbase reached 2700 mm or more, the new energy vehicle wheelbase of 2650 mm or more; insurance business insurance business intercourse, third party liability insurance and passenger accident insurance conditions. Net about car driver should be Shanghai city residence; from the filing date of the first 1 years without driving more than 5 times of road traffic safety violations; since the date of application before the revocation of taxi qualification records within 5 years as of the date of application; no more than 5 road traffic violations have not yet accepted overdue the processing conditions. For the hot outside network about cars and drivers to focus on Shanghai Shanghai, Shanghai Municipal Traffic Commission clarification that the provisions about net car Shanghai brand mainly consider three aspects: first, network about cars should adhere to the principle of limited development; second, as a form of car rental, car about network with regional service characteristics, the Ministry of Communications "Interim Measures" clearly stipulates that the prohibition of network about cars off-site management; third, according to foreign brand vehicles currently Shanghai implementation of the limit line measures, only in the city to provide a full vehicle registration registration period of the whole road travel service. Shanghai Transportation Committee, said the car about the network has obvious regional characteristics. In accordance with the central and Shanghai to strengthen the population size control and management requirements, Shanghai clear, net about car drivers should have a household registration in Shanghai. In this regard, China’s largest Internet platform drops taxi travel responded that the deal raised the threshold access standards, the number of control is disguised, or will cause the network about the car and the driver is greatly reduced, net about car fare doubled. Didi said, according to the platform statistics, currently in line with the new requirements of network about cars wheelbase, less than 1/5; more than 41 drivers have been activated in Shanghai, less than 10 thousand of the drivers in Shanghai local household registration; improve the network about cars, or will raise about net fare to two times when the price of a taxi or in order to.相关的主题文章: