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Zhou Xingang attacked Kangyue technology "perfume king" involved in the 9 stocks hot column capital flows thousands of thousands of stocks the latest Rating Rating diagnosis simulated trading client sina finance App: Live on-line blogger to tutor you say on the stocks contest points out 60 million   each reporter Ceng Jian following the new Laiying placards the material after 1 and a half years, "perfume king" Zhou Xingang again high-profile appearance. Kang Yue Technology 8 announcement shows that as of July 26th, Zhou Xingang and its concerted action total shareholding ratio of more than 5%. Once the news was released, it caused a shock in the market. Kang Yue technology stock price will be announced on the 8 day limit. Every investment treasure (micro signal: mjtzb2) noted that the Zhou Xingang family has been active in the A-share market, the ten largest shareholder of listed companies frequently appeared on the list of A. According to public information, as of the end of the two quarter, its shares will be involved in the 9. One family involved in many stocks according to Kangyue technology announcement that the July 26th, Nanjing Leiao Cci Capital Ltd – 3 REO Securities Investment Fund (hereinafter referred to as the "Leo 3") by way of centralized auction to buy 409 thousand and 700 shares of the company shares, accounting for 0.2458%. After the holdings, Zhou Xingang and its concert Li Xin, Zhou Chen, Leo Kangyue technology investment together hold shares 8 million 728 thousand and 300 shares, representing 5.2367% of total share capital. Among them, Li Xin’s wife Zhou Chen Zhou letter steel, as the daughter of Zhou Xingang; Leo for the major shareholders of investment of three, Zhou Xingang served as the company’s legal person. In fact, Zhou Xin "perfume strip king said his wife brought lesbian A shares in advance and retreat, has long been known. According to each by the investment treasure (micro signal: mjtzb2) statistics show that as of the end of the two quarter, in addition to the new Levin Kangyue technology and had previously been placards should be material, Zhou Xingang and his wife and daughter also appeared in 7 listed ten major shareholders of the company or the ten shareholders list, and the total shareholding ratio were many. The company has established Ba shares, luyitong, Hengtong Technology, exchange of shares, Wenzhou Hongfeng, Taicheng pharmaceutical and new technology. Specifically, as of June 31st, Zhou Xingang, Li Xin, respectively, 1 million 642 thousand and 500 shares held by the tyrant shares, the shares of the company, the company’s ninth, the top 10 tradable shareholders. Lu Tao semi annual report shows that Zhou Xingang, Li Xin, three people appeared at the same time, the company’s top ten list of shareholders, the total holdings of 3 million 10 thousand and 100 shares, the shareholding ratio of 2.8% (). Hengtong Technology is by Zhou Xingang, Zhou Chen and roe investment has a total stake of up to 4.13%. Wenzhou Hongfeng early in the three quarter of 2014 will be stationed in Zhou Xingang, in the opening year by year, by the end of the two quarter, Li Xin and Zhou Xingang together hold Wenzhou Hongfeng 20 million 74 thousand and 900 shares, the shareholding ratio of up to 4.84%. Over the same period, the new technology of the shareholding ratio of 3.9%. The shares of the Taicheng pharmaceutical and worth mentioning, the two companies are in the two quarter of this year was stationed in the week. Shares in the semi annual report shows that Li Xin holds 4 million 104 thousand and 100 shares of the company, accounting for the circulation of capital of the theory of 11.56%相关的主题文章: