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The woman in the shower bath next to the girl live video original title: Dalian women’s bath was stripped off, was found next to the girl in the video chat, the other was a man! In the bathroom, she undressed, but found naked bodies are "live"! Go! By!…… November 24th, 27 year old girl Xiao Wang to Ganjingzi area near the sea water bath. She took off her clothes, accidentally found a girl next to her boyfriend WeChat video chat. Look at "happy together", Wang quickly covered the sensitive parts of the video, the girl asked to turn off. "As a female compatriots, how can you do this?" For the girl’s move, Wang said it is difficult to understand. Similar embarrassment, you encountered? Strip was found to be "live" 27 year old Wang is Dalian local girl. November 24th, Xiao Wang to the Ganjingzi area near the sea water bath. In the women’s bath area locker room, Wang took off his clothes, found that there is a girl about 20 years old next to squat on the side, holding a cell phone in the non-stop speech. At first, Wang thought the girl was on the phone, so she didn’t care. But then she took a look at the phone screen, but found the girl and her boyfriend in the video chat! "She used a front camera in the video, and the scene in the women’s bathroom was taken!" Wang said, the girl dressed in clothes, looks like just a bath. Wang quickly put his hand over the privacy of the site, the girl shouted, I did not wear clothes, and then turn off the video!" The girl realized the seriousness of the problem, turn off the WeChat video, instead of using voice chat. For the girl’s move, Wang felt difficult to understand, as a female compatriots, how can you do it, but also do not respect the feelings of others, right?" Female bathroom use mobile phone on self-discipline for Wang’s experience, 24 year old girl Xiao Li also empathy. November 25th, Xiao Li to the city a bath. After taking a bath, she was going to put on clothes to leave, but found that there was a woman holding a cell phone self timer, and the lens may be put into the body of mike. In Xiao Li’s request, the woman will be removed from the phone photo shoot. Xiao Li said, after the show, one of the photos to her back and hips, although not all shot, but she still felt that this photo once spread to the Internet, my heart will be very uncomfortable. Reporter survey found that the current restrictions on the restriction of the Dalian public bath on the phone shooting and there is no uniform requirement, the majority are relying on the guests self-discipline. The bathroom "happy together", these are the lessons! Go to the bathroom and take a shower, I will be able to spring to reveal? Mobile phone replacement, communication technology with each passing day, convenient life, but also may bring some problems. To use the phone in the bathroom, for example, once encountered do not pay attention to the people, may reveal their privacy. Reporters combed the female bathroom "happy together" the case, women should be careful! 1: did not grab the red woman shot technician online on the evening of October 8th, Jiangsu city of Taizhou province Xing Jun相关的主题文章: