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Who is the last straw that breaks the property of the sina finance opinion leader (WeChat public kopleader) columnist Ding Zuyu not to let down over the policies may be, the policy is a superimposed effect, once more than a certain "critical point", with the purchasing power overdraft, demand overdraft, the final months of turnover will also fall. Who is overwhelmed by the property market last straw this summer, Nanjing, Hangzhou, Suzhou, Hefei, Wuhan, Zhengzhou, Shanghai city "the most expensive land" frequent, wild Shanghai — August 18th day three the most expensive land. Some media said in awe, the real estate market and the land has become the core of the city, the capital of the hunting field. In the current domestic and international economic situation, the real estate market will continue to frequent the most expensive land? Housing prices will continue to maintain the trend? Welcome to the zhuanlan@staff.sina, say your point of view! The policy of further tightening will be the last straw that broke the camel’s weekend, Shanghai housing turnover once again occupy the headlines, including 35 week (8.22-8.28) total turnover in 4028 housing units, two days over the weekend were 16072 more is as high as 1680. In addition, last week, the total transaction area of 590 thousand and 100 square meters, up nearly 6 into a record volume of the week since the peak of the third. There is no doubt that the recent tightening of the credit limit has undoubtedly stimulated the surge in the market transaction. But I believe that once the policy really landed, Shanghai will usher in the decline and fall of the transaction process, the transaction size will remain low. In particular, from the introduction of regulatory policies in Shanghai in the past cycle, generally around 3-6 months, for example, after the introduction of the purchase in October 2010, until the transaction was stabilized in May 2011. After the introduction of this year "3.25" the new deal, Shanghai, second-hand housing turnover also fell down, in July 6, turnover rebounded, but overall is still lower than the same period last year, a tightening of credit limit rumors implemented, the impact on the market for longer periods of time. In 2006 -2016 year in July the Shanghai area of commercial housing turnover trend (unit: million square meters) in fact, 2015 turnover is due to the outbreak of the "9.30" policy, the relaxed credit limit, promote the needs to improve the concentration of the release of the backlog for a long time. The combination of Shenzhen, Shanghai in March after the introduction of the regulation of the total price of the transaction segment can be seen, is still to improve demand based. With the rapid rise in house prices reached a certain height, once the introduction of the credit limit policy, that is, recognize the housing and credit, down payment to 7 into, no doubt cut the purchasing power of this part of the crowd. In addition, the average turnover of Shanghai, Shenzhen 4-8 month than in the first quarter were down 10% and 41%, the rapid rise in prices and policies to curb speculative demand for the crackdown is large, so the turnover fell more obvious. Specifically, Shanghai "3.25" after the new deal landing, the impact of improved demand for 200-500 million larger, accounting for a decrease of 8相关的主题文章: