JX 2 many people discovered a copy of her sister Dafa stanley博士的家2

"JX 2" many people discovered copies of sister Liao Dafa peach spring a cup of wine, the rivers and lakes ten years light rain. By Xishanju genuine authority, the classic martial arts Tour "sword net 2" adapted "51wan game" JX 2 "version" was formally launched last week. Pure martial martial arts, beautiful scene map and operation full of fighting, as in Jxqy.51wan, the brothers come together when the heroes! For entering the 51wan "JX 2" version "of the game player, play to play PVE than PVP is much easier to use, it has also become the most preferred upgrade game player. The PVE the game play a lot, not only martial arts, Lord of this world boss Curtis giant arena, there is a single copy of a copy of the game and hook, four copies of most people has become friends with the team game player upgrade, the Holy land. More recently, game player said, this play is very convenient to her sister, which play the most suitable her sister? How can hold up to the girl? Let’s listen to the player. Before listening to the player to teach, may wish to first understand how to enter multiple copies. In the icon above the interface to find a copy of the hall, click to enter. Hide the sword sword grave, the territory of Taohua Island, Mausoleum of the First Qin Emperor, Wu Yue forbidden, in the current open 4 more than one copy, listen to know the name of this territory of Taohua Island is absolutely Liao sister AAAAA level scenic spots, the scenery is good, it is important to the level is not high. First, let me put a hard copy of the Taohua Island, the peach blossom is flourishing, brother, I see your peach blossom is quite prosperous. As the name implies, more than one copy is strongly recommended game player into the team, on the right side of the interface you can see the other game player set up a copy of the team captain, can also set the requirements of combat capability…… So here’s your chance, as long as you have enough cattle, can not set the power requirements, new game adorable sister to see you so friendly, do not hold the thigh! After entering the copy, the countdown will open, multi copy contains several levels, game player within the specified time as much as possible to get more points, each level corresponding reward. The higher the efficiency of the attack, the higher the score star rating, the more generous the rewards received. Multiple copies of the rewards, including different levels of treasure equipment and honor value, it can be said that the main way to get the players treasure equipment. And honor can be used to exchange all kinds of precious items including advanced Dan, in honor of the store, the woman who love to buy buy buy! Go Paladin, show the strength of the time to! Here, the standard combat Paladin have been on the up, eager copy girl eager for a fight? The classic martial arts Webpage Game 51wan "JX" 2 edition "officially launched, the new service will open soon to Paladin Jxqy.51wan, together with us in the lakes! More information and activities, please pay attention to the 2 version of the official website of "JX: more exciting game, as in相关的主题文章: