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Obviously have the ability to pay the full amount of why many people choose to buy a car loan? Speaking of auto – Sohu to buy a car, you may often choose what time to save enough money to buy a car, saying how much can Naiganduo big thing, so few people to choose the loan to buy a car, and car loans to pay interest and fees, also do not think the overall loan, many worry ah, the cost of the overall down to pay a loan to buy a car than it will spend less money, would like to think so, but the master think this is not necessarily a good choice, from the three aspects of it, there is no reason for you to consider…… First: if the money from the money is the number from the point of view, the extra interest and fees is indeed higher than the loan to buy a car, but you have not thought about, if you buy a car loan, the remaining money to invest in financial products but also can earn money, so can money with money, but you will be born out of money than high car loan interest, in general, car loan interest rate is 4% or 6%, if they engage in the activities of manufacturers, interest rates will be lower, sometimes with interest free loans, and now the financial market mainstream financial products the general interest rate can reach about 7%, if it is regular can even reach 10%, this is so, a down payment when you buy a car, the rest of the money to invest in financial products, three years down rather than full payment can earn a lot. ! Second: from the price and currency devaluation to appreciate some of the people said to buy a car is not the same, to buy luxury goods, will depreciate, say you bought a $250 thousand car, directly after the devaluation of 50 thousand, only 200 thousand of the value, the 50 thousand devaluation you are unable to use it. If loans, you will have the rest of the 50 thousand to invest, according to an annual interest rate of 10%, which in fact can also earn a small fee! We also calculate the inflation of the currency devaluation, CPI growth in 2016 is 2.01%, nearly three years, the annual price increase of between 8%-10%, 100 thousand yuan in 2016 after three years, equivalent to the value of 70 thousand yuan, if you use the money to pay three years after buying a car with the money now. Is it a lot of money? Third: from the aspect of the value of social resources now we can obviously feel more and more people into the city more, the competition is more intense, in the city of these invisible social resources becomes more and more valuable, the value of the road, the vehicle license value and so on, according to the current growth rate of the vehicle, a second tier city parking is unable to meet the needs of future, three years later, maybe you will not grab parking spaces, now a lot of big city license-plate lottery is also so, rob a number, can save a lot of heart, but also to add value! Fourth: from the quality of life from the perspective of the quality of life, you have 100 thousand yuan, can buy a Jetta, if you pass a loan to buy a mid-range car, for example, covers Audi A4L, the heart for their approval or see customers talk about a single success rate will rise by a large margin what meaning, system相关的主题文章: