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Don’t let the rural sewage treatment project "sun" (rural micro observation) – Finance – rural sewage treatment project to be down to earth, listen to the views of farmers, tailored technical solutions, projects to serve water more and more scientific and effective, long-term operation of the project to interview in the east of the County, grassroots cadres complain about pollution in rural areas difficult to promote the integration of the county: treatment of urban sewage pipe, Netcom to a village, spent a lot of money, but many farmers do not buy it. Why? To inquire about the village, only to know the answer. Some villagers said, the village network but no home, their lives far away, access to expensive; some people say that their own kind of orchard and vegetable field, used manure irrigation, access network to want to use manure is not convenient; there is also concern that the sewage treatment operation cost is high, after hard to burden. Newly built sewage treatment plant long enough to eat, became the sun project, it is a pity! Over the years, rural roads, buildings, home appliances, cars to the countryside, the Internet into the home, farmers living conditions improved significantly. In contrast, the rural environment has become the highlight the "short board", some villages are still water by evaporation, garbage by wind, livestock and poultry manure everywhere see sewage flows everywhere, rural pollution emissions accounted for half of the country "". Pollution in rural areas has become the consensus of governments at all levels have increased investment, it is a good side. But we should also see that some local approach is not much, single mode, did not spend less money, the effect is not good, network collection rate is not high, the technology The climate does not suit one. "sun" pollution control projects, the phenomenon is not uncommon. Pollution in rural areas where the difficulties? Treatment method is difficult to set. Rural pollution point, wide face, the situation varies widely. Some villages are located in urban and rural areas, densely populated; some are located in remote mountainous areas, living scattered; some sensitive areas in the water, water ecological fragile. Different places need different solutions, some suitable for centralized processing, but also for decentralized. However, in some places in a simple way of working with urban sewage treatment to solve the problem of rural areas, blindly let the county sewage treatment plant extended to the countryside, suffered difficulties inevitable. Technical scheme is difficult to choose. Different types of pollutants in rural areas and cities, simply move the urban sewage treatment system does not work. A sewage treatment plant technician admitted that their village farms, pig manure wastewater concentration is too high, COD (chemical oxygen demand) concentration in more than 10 thousand, while the existing sewage treatment equipment to the upper limit of 1000, aquaculture wastewater cannot deal with the. The habit is hard to change. The rural society rural complex, farmers production and living habits are different from the city, improve the farmers’ environmental literacy, rely on regulations, not punishment, to rely more on self-restraint and self management. In addition, the limited financial resources in rural areas, sewage treatment system is not only the construction cost is low, the operation cost is low, easy to use is not more vitality. Say 1000 to say hard, "down to earth" is not difficult. In some places, "private custom" planning, from door to door survey, the outfall where? Pipe network layout? Layout is optimal? A variety of models as a result of the village households should smoothly done or easily solved the problem. Some places to build a single village sewage treatment pool,相关的主题文章: