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"Speculation in the winter, the spring of action," Tencent want to do VR? Sohu science and technology yesterday, at the Tencent Global Partner Conference VR sub forum, Tencent introduced its strategic layout on the VR. It is reported that Tencent intends to open platform and interface for all partners. At present, Tencent in VR this done? Previously, in accordance with the plan of the Tencent, they will launch PC head in 2016, moving head display and one machine, which PC head with the first generation of Tencent miniStation and PC. In addition to hardware, in December 2015, Tencent Tencent VR developer salon officially announced its own Tencent VR SDK and developer support program. Tencent VR SDK is a common scheme through multiple areas — Based on the game engine, including rendering, audio and video input (wire, game controller and 3D controller), a payment account, etc.. Content distribution, Tencent gives 4 ways: VR Store, games, video, advertising. Today, Tencent Partner Conference, Tencent introduced its progress in VR. Figure: Lei Feng network content, Tencent is still dominated by the game. According to reports, from the beginning of 2015, the Tencent began to try in the VR game: the first is to test the water of the relatively simple control type shooting game, do the exploration in the social reality, capture, emotional expression and UGC content. But these are just experimental stages. Tencent plans in the mid 2017, for all developers to provide some of the early version of the game experience, in this version above, the user can be based on Tencent’s UGC platform for content development. On the hardware, Tencent plans to be the end of this year for the core developers, to provide their own prototype development machine and SDK. But the original plan of the first show, one machine and other hardware is no new news. Tencent said it would work together with manufacturers to build mobile VR standards, experience standards, inviting developers to do further research and development, to provide services to partners. This also explains to some extent, the possibility of Tencent’s original hardware plan postponed. In the future, Tencent in VR will do? According to reports, the current Tencent in PC VR and mobile VR has begun planning and layout of related products. Tencent for partners to provide what? Is it "open" or "safe development"? Fiery VR environment, small companies want to turn overtaking, large companies are also on the existing resources and platform to seize the advantages of layout. Currently, VR is still in the hardware research and development, and there is no uniform standard stage, the overall form of VR has not yet appeared mainstream style, the content is relatively poor. Previously, the first acquisition of Oculus Facebook, SONY and HTC and other hardware on the continuous force相关的主题文章: