Guangdong, Huizhou, a woman fell to her husband died after receiving a call that is a fraud rewrite攻略�

A woman in Guangdong Huizhou after the doctor fell dead husband received a phone call that is fraud – Beijing new network in Huizhou in September 13, (Yan Chukang Xiao Juan) September 13th, Guangdong Huicheng District of Huizhou City, Xiaojinkou Street office, a strange thing happened: a woman to a small clinic after go back to the road suddenly collapsed and died, with Walker hit call the husband, the husband thought is a liar. Police subsequently hit in the past, still suspected of being a liar, finally the police sirens will open, the other barely believe, rushed to the scene. Things happen to Bai Gang Village Xiaojinkou District Huicheng Street office, the same day at 1 a.m., a 40 year old woman in a man down to a small clinic in the village doctor Bai Gang, complained of dizziness and a shot to the clinic, the patient out, did not think this woman go from the clinic to a street corner 200 meters away, suddenly collapses. The man who accompanied her quickly hit 120 and 110, but when the ambulance came to the scene, the woman’s heart stopped. It is reported that the man in the hit 120 and 110, had used mobile phone to find the lady of the woman’s husband told the phone, open mobile phone owners on the road suddenly fell to the ground can not afford the onset, but after listening to each other immediately said:! Then hang up, continue to play a few times, the other side still said he was a liar, always refused to listen to the details. The police came to the scene, ask the man accompanying not the woman’s husband, also take her mobile phone and use their mobile phone to call her husband, that is 110 police were already at the site to call him, but the other is still not believe, also says it can change the number of directory and cheat. Has been entangled for nearly an hour, finally the police sirens will open, the other barely believe, rushed to the scene. It was nearly 3 p.m.. A small clinic responsible person surnamed Zeng, he said the female patient complained of dizziness after the door, the examination also did not find out what problems, he injected the patient with a bottle of ordinary people are available liquid, unexpectedly. However, he stressed that the patient’s death had nothing to do with his diagnosis and treatment. At present, the police have been related to the clinic’s medical records and clinic heads back to the investigation. The event is being processed. (end)相关的主题文章: