Kunming invited 61 families of the deceased more than and 10 car full containment hospital detained 女f4

Kunming invited 61 families of the deceased more than and 10 car full containment hospital detained – Sohu news according to Xinhua news agency, Kunming Xishan Public Security Bureau news, since this year the Xishan District of Wenzhou police take a "zero tolerance" attitude, recently in dealing with the medical incidents during a detention of 61 people. To 20, which has just ended the administrative detention of the 55. According to police, the 23:15 on September 11th, Huang Moumou (Xundian Hui and Yi Autonomous County of Kunming city) due to excessive drinking is sent to the peace building two combine traditional Chinese and Western medicine hospital emergency department for treatment, died on the same day at 23:45. The family questioned the hospital in time, medication problems etc. keep away the corpse. The police have done a lot of work, at noon on September 12th, the family of the deceased has agreed to take the legal channels to resolve, and the dead bodies transported to the funeral home storage west. The 13 day at 22:30, the family of the deceased invited 61 people, more than and 10 door driving vehicles containment hospital, and take in the hospital lobby hanging cloth marked, placed wreaths and the way for "statement", disturb the normal order of the hospital. The police rushed to the scene disposal, after a large number of legal policy propaganda and ideological work, the family of the deceased is unreasonable, refused to stop the illegal acts to disrupt the normal medical order. In order to avoid further expansion of the situation, the police decisive disposition, the relevant personnel from the scene for review. "These cars to the containment door, to the families of 500 yuan per vehicle." Police said, 14, actively organize and participate in medical trouble planning of Huang Moulong and other 6 people were detained, 55 illegal workers participate in the medical trouble administrative detention. Police investigators, avant-garde police station area a total of 4 hospitals, including the hospital with children’s Hospital, Department of orthopedics, hospital of Stomatology Hospital of traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine and peace, the police every month at least to dispose of 2 medical trouble event. The children’s Hospital of the "medical" most, and have a professional medical personnel involved in. Medical personnel are often emotional, dissuasion, when some police also call to invite others to participate. To this end, Xishan District police this year of medical trouble, take a "zero tolerance" measures, severe punishment, "a hitherto unknown detention of 61 people, it will be a great deterrent to medical personnel."相关的主题文章: