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Comprehensive strictly is the responsibility of all Party members and mission – Beijing these days, Party organizations in all localities and departments of Party organizations, through group learning activities, special counseling and other forms of collective study and implement the party’s spirit of the the sixth Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee. The majority of Party members and cadres said that they should unite more closely around the Party Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping as the core, to enhance political awareness, overall awareness, consciousness, and consciousness as the core, be loyal to the party, party, party, share bear responsibility to the party responsible. Shandong provincial Party School associate professor Zhai Hongfen building department: from the practical requirement for the objective point of view, we are now in the new situation, our party in the new historical position, we are going to be a great struggle with the new historical features, which objectively requires us to have a strong core of leadership, six the first plenary session officially proposed the Party Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping as the core, this is an inevitable history. Guangxi Nanning Xingning District Judicial Bureau, Luo Xuan: around the world, a strong core of leadership, is the political guarantee of a country through economic and social reform and development must be the storm. The plenary session put forward the Party Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping at the core, reflecting the common aspiration of the whole party, the army and the people of all ethnic groups in the country. In the study we think: serious party political life seriously, is our party adhere to the nature and purpose of the party, an important magic weapon to maintain the advanced nature and purity, is the basic project to strictly. Academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Shanghai Jiao Tong University President Zhang Jie: This is not like the anti-corruption movement, the end of it? I think this plenary meeting gives the answer, we are not, we want to build a system of legislation, to regulate the party’s political life. Professor Li Binxiong Marx Institute of Wuhan University: the party and since eighteen a large number of cases and the central inspection teams found in the middle of a series of problems of local department, found from the top to the bottom of the most effective supervision organization, from under the democratic supervision to the most effective. I think it is necessary to make the network more closely within the network, the more powerful. Six plenary session stressed: under the new situation to strengthen and regulate the political life of the party, the focus is the leading organs and leading cadres at all levels, the key is senior cadres. Hebei Academy of Social Sciences researcher Wang Yankun: people look at the party members, Party members and cadres. Leading cadres, particularly senior cadres, have a great demonstration effect in the whole society. The higher the position of cadres, the greater the power, the stronger the effect. Senior cadres truly in the political life of the party first, make the appearance, so as to drive our whole Party and government social morality improvement. Hunan county Party Secretary Ceng Chaoqun Changsha: the first responsibility of the grassroots, don’t forget what is the purpose of firmly can not forget the early heart, hold the heart, then you can put all kinds of regulations six plenary session has implemented to innocence. Anhui Taihu County, the village Party branch secretary Yang Chuanjie: it is said that the first rural rich or not, the key branch, team is strong, the key leader. Rural Party organizations are weak and lax, can not play the role of Party members, to start from scratch, to regulate the rural party.相关的主题文章: