The modern dance performance of the life dance and the writing opens in Sydney – International – Peo jcuv是什么车

Life dance tracks large modern dance "? Writing" bloom Sydney – International – in Sydney in October 14, 14 evening, a large modern dance performance — "life writing dance tracks?" staged in Australia Sydney state theater, attracting a large number of local arts and culture enthusiasts to participate in the show, the China classical aesthetic personality and creative pioneer to the Australian audience. The show is jointly presented by the Sydney Chinese cultural center and the Zhejiang dance theater. The performance is divided into four chapters, namely, "a dance for a while", the first chapter of "natural lines", the second chapter "the perspective of emotion" and the third chapter "great dream". The performance of the collection of Oriental cultural symbols, with the most simple body language, the most pure expression of emotion, the most original mind to think about the world, the humanities and the interpretation of the times. In the use of modern dance technique at the same time, learn the characteristics of China art "impressionistic", "shadow", "free Syria" and "pictures" of new dance notes, presents a silent dance performance. "Life dance tracks? Writing" choreography designer, Zhejiang song and Dance Theatre Dance Troupe Liu Fuyang said: "with the natural expression of dance choreography seemingly, it includes deep oriental philosophy, the whole show trying to use the organic way to infection and enlighten the audience, and at the same time, give them free imagination the space." Zhejiang song and dance theatre in Zhejiang province is the largest and most varieties of the State Office of professional art troupes. The theatre has rich Jiangnan style, enjoys the name of "water lotus", has repeatedly invited to perform in the urban and rural areas and Chinese Europe and the United States, Asia, Africa, dozens of countries and regions. It is understood that at the end of Sydney after the premiere, "life dance tracks? Writing" will be in October 16th in Hobart for the Tasmania royal theater audience bring wonderful performances. (Wang Quanjiao) share to: (commissioning editor: Liu Jieyan, Liu Juntao)相关的主题文章: