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Cartoonist Egawa Dachiya group "your name": no work! Small scale! New Haicheng "your name. "The release of the ten day at the box office, hurricane 3 billion 800 million yen, more than 2 million 900 thousand people, two rich generation family brother Cheng Da Qidi, Japanese people indulge in the carnival. But the cartoonist Egawa Dachiya on Facebook but criticized "your name. ", refers to this film is not right, small scale, instantly attracted users attention in japan. Egawa Dachiya, the representative of the "University of Tokyo Monogatari", had been suspected of assistant has no sense of responsibility and without assistant rushed. He’s going to see your name with his family. "After reading, he believes that the film is not bad, but than they expected small scale, he does not love figure, can not see the work elements, that does not look good. He also evaluated the protagonists extremely foolish, so that he could not put feelings. (cartoonist Egawa Dachiya) him through the film, need to feel hot work is stupid elements, this is the creator of the pinch he cognitive ability (objective the ability to look at themselves) caused by low. He also believes that although the power to brother Cheng in the background and objects, but this should be awesome background perspective but making confusion. Because the film is, he is not called brother Cheng to spend their time and money back (Penguin mother: if a word is used to describe the Huang Zihua comedy, is called "backwater"), and refers to the very low and watch the movie with my family on this movie evaluation. For Egawa Dachiya’s comments, the Japanese netizens have expressed their views: I really want to say that you want to see the cartoons to the money back to me!" "The cop is coming?" "You and your family go to the movies is to look to the picture?" Jiangchuan old wet you dare to say perspective? You have a rough sketch of the basic sketch."相关的主题文章: