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Enjoy a healthy home livable life 147 square Sanju house price 50000 yuan [Abstract] now people buy a house is all about environmental problems, ecological livable housing has attracted more and more attention, the healthy living environment to make it ease of purchase. Fengtai leader · jade mountain (real estate information) the main push is 147 Level 3 in the apartment layout of Tencent Real Estate News Leader · jade mountain is located in Fengtai town Changqing Road south. The · No. 1 September 25, 2016 emerald Hill project B area has been opened, the launch of the B District No. 1 Building 2 unit and 4 unit garden products, the main push for the 147 flat apartment layout in 3, the opening price is 6 million -800 million, the average price of 50000 yuan. Currently in the sale, please pay attention. B1 is building a 6 storey elevator houses, 4 units, a ladder two, 147 and 3 in the flat apartment layout 160 flat in 4, the pre-sale price of 50000 yuan per square metre, property fee is 4 yuan per month, is expected in September 30, 2017 · blank endorsed. Tencent Beijing Fengtai real estate group, real-time discussion hot topic. The 154721065 leader · emerald mountain view details fold million square metres of Real Estate Education Park Estate Gallery | the latest 400-819-1111 6103352016 year leader · put forward the Emerald Mountain "and" the concept of community culture, through humanistic care comfortable, ecological, interactive, dynamic, and thoughtful, let the owners realize a kind of emotional temperature the community, feel a new neighbor culture and living culture. "" "" "click to view the leader · emerald mountain comments; the above information is for reference only, the final announcement to developers. Abstract: now people buy a house values are environmental issues, livable ecological housing will be more and more people’s attention, healthy living environment can make everyone feel at ease to buy. Mentougou electric power construction · the Hua Chen 118 flat apartment layout and 140 flat Sanju four home real estate Tencent XUNDIAN Jian – Hua Chen (the real estate information owners forum) is located in Mentougou town of Yongding Chang’an Avenue West extension line about 500 metres away from the South; the Dragon Lin Lu (Lin Shi Road) about 1 km from the subway line No. S1; (Planning) shore village station about 500 meters. The project on the south side of building 4 villa community planning, on the north side of building 3 villa, a total of 7 buildings. The · electric power construction; China Chen project is expected by the end of October 2016 re opening of the opening project, the specific time and price information are determined, interested parties can call or field to a detailed understanding of sales offices. · electric power construction; the Huachen project opened in August 27, 2016, launched 3 viewing villa, a total of 156 houses, apartment layout for 118 flat and 140 flat Sanju four in the opening 40 minutes is sold out, but there is no housing. The opening price of 60000 yuan, refined decoration, hardcover standard 9000 yuan, property costs 4.5 yuan monthly, May 31, 2018 launch. 2.相关的主题文章: