South Korea letter to do the official investigation of the accused or as many as ten 三色网

Han Pro intervention survey lead letter charges or as many as a dozen [global times in Korea, Japan, the United States special correspondent Wang Wei Han Fei Ji winter Li Zhending Yuqing] local time on October 31st at 3 pm, "politics" lead Cui Shunshi to the identity of the suspects appeared in Seoul Central District prosecutors’office Rui grass. This is the first public appearance in Europe to avoid the limelight after the sudden return of 30. It is reported that Cui’s equestrian gifted students daughter did not come home. In addition to early more than 300 reporters to the prosecutor’s office crowded around, a large number of demonstrators also hold high the "detention Cui Shunshi! Park to step down!" And other slogans, and shouted slogans for more than and 10 minutes. The scene is very chaotic, some people also lost a shit to cui. Throughout the process, Cui had several times been squeezed out by reporters and protesters. Cui Shunshi began to question the media silence, but after entering the elevator before leaving a words: "please forgive all the people, sorry, I made a damn sin." Cui and close, tall and handsome in a board of directors of the company also appeared high Intentia prosecutor’s office for investigation, the alleged help Cui through two fund money. Korean media have speculated that Cui Shunshi could deny the allegations in the investigation, but will not admit that "the invisible hand". According to the Seoul Economic News reported that the prosecution investigation of the Department of special investigation found that: there are a variety of presidential documents stored in the tablet computer does have traces of the use of Cui, memory of its own photo. Cui lawyer Li Qingcai in the information after the end of that Cui is in poor health, suspected heart problems. Because he is suffering from panic disorder, he is taking sedatives. He quoted Cui Shunshi saying that she will actively cooperate with prosecutors questioned. Prosecutors also restricted the former president of the day to adjust the chief secretary and Deputy Secretary of the country exit. South Korea, "Korean national news" quoted some analysts, hiding their most early return to save the president’s ring is a. The prosecution began the search for Chong Wa Dae, park Geun hye has actually become "a president", in this case, Cui home reflects a sense of crisis, "to continue such disregard, will lead to the demise of all". Prosecutors are now considering charges of up to more than and 10 charges, including corruption, tax evasion, violation of the Presidential Records Management Act, in violation of foreign exchange law. Prosecutors will focus on whether or not to investigate whether the Mir consortium and the K sports consortium privatization, review of Chong Wa Dae confidential documents, improper means to make the Ewha Womans University admission of a number of charges, such as Cui Shunshi jeong. Cui Shunshi daughter in Germany has a value of 400 million won (about RMB 2 million 400 thousand yuan) residential news exposure, prosecutors are tracing their sources of funding and exit routes to determine whether illegal. If Cui Shunshi has any money in the above-mentioned criminal suspects, prosecutors can prosecute the crime of property. In addition, if Cui’s daughter was special enrolled at Ewha Womans University has been confirmed through improper means, it will violate the Korean school management related laws, if Cui Shunshi had abused Ewha women a professor confirmed, prosecutors to prosecute the crime of coercion can also be. In South Korea JTBC TV station 7相关的主题文章: