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Master: every brick lychee carving a day (Figure) – Beijing He Shiliang brick works carved a lychee to spend a day. He Shiliang and his works. South of the Five Ridges architecture is an important carrier of Guangdong’s historical and cultural protection and inheritance, and the builders who were born in this land are the soul of inheriting and carrying forward the architectural culture of South of the Five Ridges. This year, the Guangdong provincial housing department to carry out the first "Guangdong province traditional architectural master" in the province found that from the master of traditional architecture in south of the Five Ridges eight skills, namely stone, brick, wood carving, pottery, gray plastic, porcelain inlays, murals and paintings in one or more skill of the craftsmen, selected 10 people, is the first master of traditional architecture. But as a "brick" and "gray plastic" master craftsman, He Shiliang of Guangzhou and successfully selected Shao village. Yesterday, the reporter interviewed the two masters in close proximity to understand these tenacious south of the Five Ridges architectural skills to survive, the craftsmen of the mood and stories. The Guangzhou Daily reporter Lai Weihang correspondent Sui Jian Guangzhou Daily reporter Luo Changwei obsessed with carving art master "catch all go away" during the Ming and Qing Dynasties, Guangzhou brick has been widely used in temples and ancestral halls, houses, and formed a unique style. Later, with the rise of modern architecture, brick decoration gradually declined. However, in the past twenty or thirty years, Guangzhou brick appeared signs of revival. From Guangzhou Panyu Shawan Town, He Shiliang is a key figure in promoting this revival. He Shiliang studio hidden in a secluded Panyu Shawan workshop. A block of brick in the hands of people who, along with the ups and downs of graver and rattled on, a south of the Five Ridges good fruit lychee, vivid characters, gradually emerged. "These brick than ceramic and glass are fragile, easily broken, light is collected to spend a lot of effort." The 46 year old He Shiliang told reporters, in order to ensure the quality of works, his collection of brick are the "old age" of the old brick. This brick and his love, can be traced back to when he was a junior high school students. That year, he was not yet 15 years old. Guangfu ancestral hall left agrarian hall restoration project at the beginning of junior high school he ran to see the chefs carving, sometimes to see the town painter painting. "Because like, so at that time those who are not able to catch up with me." He Shiliang said, it is because of the dedication of love, so when he learned that Guangzhou has a master apprentice wood carving apprentice, they decided to go. The master’s father was the chief designer of Guangzhou wood carving factory. He Shiliang in addition to learning sculpture, but also secretly learn his design drawings. During the night he was studying sculpture, according to drawings, painting design, sometimes learn one or two late at night. "The rules are not allowed. But after the discovery, the old man not only did not blame me, but also began to teach me how to design engraving drawings, I was at that time laid the foundation of the drawing design." He Shiliang said, Thanksgiving encounter such a good teacher. Such as martial arts brick to enter "selfless state" in 1995, baomo garden construction, start living by local craftsmen to do brick, but just a beginning, the zoo will feel like South of the Five Ridges effect. Just He Shiliang at that time.相关的主题文章: