Hong Kong Independence politicians outside the speech distortion of one country two systems (Figure) twoo是什么网站

Hong Kong Independence politicians outside the speech distortion of one country two systems (Figure) cited public outrage Chen Fangansheng (left) and Li Zhuming (right) original title: Hong Kong Independence members insulted China after Hongkong politicians even invited Australia for free voice yiboweiping another, October 12th Hongkong locals young members openly insulted China, "declared independence and detroit. 13, there are also the former politicians out of Hongkong to destroy their own national government of the two. According to the Australian special program Broadcasting Authority (SBS) 14 reported that former Hongkong Chief Secretary Chen Fangansheng and former legislators recently visited Australia, Li Zhuming. Two people at the National Press Club and the University of Sydney at a public forum and delivered a speech saying, "one country two systems" a serious setback, and also urged the Australian government to China government position, Hongkong threatened civil liberties sound. Chen Li two people in Australia to distort the one country two systems Chen Fangansheng said that the success of "one country two systems" with Australia’s interests, because Australia have close relationship with Hongkong, but also because China comply with international obligations, the interests of all countries. Chen Fangansheng said that Hongkong’s civil liberties are regressive, freedom of the press was severely trampled. There is the issue of criticism China leaders books booksellers missing, have attacked Chinese leaders scholars criticism. She urged Australia to take consistent position consistent with Australian values. Chen Fangansheng also said that the Tongluowan Bookstore incident reflects that we are no longer safe, even in the territory of Hongkong". She focused on Beijing’s propaganda machine to infiltrate the Hongkong culture and paid some of Hongkong’s Pro Beijing stance. And Li Zhuming even in the National Press Club issued a performance, said the 12 legislators took the oath of the storm, see the young people in the fight for democracy and the previous generation of different strategies. He believes that as long as China to honor the commitment of one country, two systems, the young people will not upgrade the action to require independence". Li Zhuming expressed the hope that the Australian government, including governments, public and private expression of concern. Li Zhuming believes that Hong Kong alone calls not serious, and that the majority of Hongkong people do not want to cut off with the China link that Hong Kong people only want to strive for greater democracy. Collusion with foreign forces? Observer network in April 15, 2014 had reported that Chan and Li Zhuming had non-stop running in the United States and Canada, two people continued to said he is to go abroad for help, for foreign support for democracy in Hongkong. They call themselves "not to invite foreign forces to interfere in Hongkong, but to tell the story of Hongkong." But Hongkong "Ta Kung Pao" ruthless sites through their "Canada report Tour" is "shame" Tour: discredit central, to discredit Hongkong (HKSAR), to discredit the elections. Two people and rewarding the return to Hongkong on the same day, there are people at the airport with "once upon a time there was a show with Wu Sangui; Chen Li", "anti chaos in Hong Kong, sell Hong Kong glory" and other slogans, shouting slogans on the expression of dissatisfaction with the two people. Chen Liyin outside intervention Hong Kong outrage over Hongkong "sun" wrote more ridicule, "if the political change相关的主题文章: