Shaoxing Wang old man without a license to operate a stinky tofu was on the tip of the tongue 月丘うさぎ

Shaoxing king of the old man Stinky tofu unlicensed sealed had "tongue" original title: Shaoxing "king of the old man Stinky tofu" unlicensed sealed had "tongue" is located in the hometown of Lu Xun’s attractions more fragrant old Wang Stinky tofu shop. Qianjiang Evening News October 28th news, a lot of people talk about Shaoxing delicacy, the first reaction is certainly Stinky tofu. Speaking of stinky tofu, the locals will probably recommend the king old man". The king of the old man is the first registered trademark of stinky tofu, this piece of stinky tofu, had been on the tongue of China and fame. Located in the hometown of Lu Xun’s attractions more fragrant old Wang Stinky tofu shop, there are a lot of people come here every day, there are a chowhound tour Shaoxing will go to the attractions. Now, the king old man encountered great trouble. Because undocumented, the king of the old man Stinky tofu processing is investigated the local market supervision department, not only to confiscate the illegal income 87 thousand yuan, also be fined 430 thousand yuan". At present, for this penalty, Shaoxing city market authority has held hearings, the final conclusion has not come out. "They said I sell stinky tofu shop procedures are complete, but the production of stinky tofu processing point is illegal business." In this regard, do half a lifetime stinky tofu boss Zhao Baoxian how to think impassability. What is the difference between the two? Reporter conducted a survey. For more than and 10 years Stinky tofu processing point   and suddenly facing a fine price   in the "land Stinky tofu stall" in Shaoxing, "the king of the old man incense" was well-known brand. This home is located in Lu Xun’s hometown area of the store, because on the tip of the tongue "China" burst of red, can attract a lot of tourists every day. Yesterday morning, there are two Wenzhou boys come specially to try the "king of the old man" Stinky tofu. Two or three minutes later, the boss fried stinky tofu, red chili sauce, it seems to have a lot of appetite. "Ten yuan each, but it’s really delicious." One of the boys told reporters. Although the business is good, but the 55 year old boss Zhao Baoxian was sad, because he was a big event". Zhao said the boss, in addition to the store of Lu Xun’s hometown, he in the city there is a town of Ganoderma Stinky tofu processing, mainly to the production shop daily sales of Stinky tofu, has been more than and 10 years. In March 11th this year, the city market supervision bureau office staff in Ganoderma Mopai area of small workshops, discovered an undocumented processing, making the Stinky tofu identified, here is Zhao Baoxian for processing production of "king of the old man" Stinky tofu. Subsequently, the city market supervisory authority to make a decision, the processing point of Ganoderma lucidum Feng Ting Town, and the Stinky tofu field sampling collection. In September this year, Zhao Baoxian received the city of market supervision bureau, the proposed administrative punishment to inform the book, Zhao Baoxian will face confiscation of more than 80 thousand yuan, a fine of 430 thousand administrative penalties. "The king of the old man," the boss innocence   without a permit is not, has not run down   Qianjiang Evening News reporter learned that, "the king of the old man Stinky tofu incense" trademark registered in 2003, is the first domestic.相关的主题文章: