The goddess Lin Chiling became God to play as much time difficult to distinguish between true and fa pp点点通2006

The goddess Lin Chiling became "God" to play as much time difficult to distinguish between true and false – Sohu entertainment   Lin Chiling goddess " male god " Sohu entertainment news this Saturday night, "my new clothes" (the original "goddess’s new clothes", season third) will bring rock theme fashion show, which brought the biggest breakthrough undoubtedly is Lin Chiling. The original Lin Chiling wants to borrow a rock theme break all of her established impression, so Lin Chiling will play high, not only play as hair smoke turned handsome, still high-tech help, while showing N Lin Chiling false ones, the audience stunned moment, to the end which is Lin Chiling? This period Lin Chiling also explains why she wants to play so much, we established for the impression of Lin Chiling are generally more romantic and beautiful, Lin Chiling is hoping to break all of her established ideas, "in addition to our romance can also have what, maybe I can be a neutral, because I feel very neutral, like rock regardless of gender, everybody can be in an atmosphere, the same emotional environment with joy." So this issue of Lin Chiling by rock presided over the release of self. Lin Chiling and the performance also can indeed be used to describe a breakthrough, open the door, Lin Chiling smokey-eye make-up a neutral hair eyes firm, tight black leather pants outside skin coat, Lin Chiling had never seen such buyers suddenly eyes round, was completely scared. In addition to playing neutral, are still under the help of high technology, the stage is also appeared N dressed as a "man of God" Lin Chiling, and every man of God is very masculine dance moves, the audience can not help but eyes don’t know which good. But Lin Chiling eventually return to nature, the end of a performance of Lin Chiling or a head of soft hair, dress fluttering fairies came out, this "God" to "goddess" in a moment. The host Lin also commented that the show is wonderful, but usually as girls Lin Chiling endearing is no doubt, and change into after the boy Lin Chiling but still handsome to all. Lin Chiling also explains why she played two roles, although the original Lin Chiling feminine side, her heart also lived a boy, "hope can sometimes like boys like super strong, can protect themselves, but also like a girl can be gentle like water, gentle, gentle strength to face this world." The real beauty is beyond sex, and would like to see how Lin Chiling presents this beauty, please watch this Saturday night 10 Oriental TV broadcast "my new clothes".相关的主题文章: