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Who knows what Li Shishi this year experienced gambler Li Shishi heart die thin body, there is a powerful energy sina sports news on November 1st, the twenty-first Samsung Cup semi final second innings, Li Shishi tenacious reversed, tie the kija, did not let the 0 last year, more than 2 loss score again. Although the tiebreaker winner is not known, but the Li Shishi review this year’s experience, perhaps the strongest Tetsuya "call the most suitable for him. Nemesis kija acts call alternative kija and Li Shishi fight for the first time the time back to a year ago, a name called kija suddenly appeared in Li Shishi’s world, he became a lingering nightmare". The twentieth Samsung Cup semi-final three chess, Li Shishi 0 to 2 brittle failure, lightning, when people haven’t read out what time from the victory, with a dramatic scene. Li Shishi and kija will meet in the dream of Lily cup five Fanqi finals, and kija before his "Li Shishi winning only 5%" heroic utterance…… Li Shishi congratulated Chen Yaoye on 2013 ninth after a Chunlan Cup final, memorable. Li Shishi patted himself on the shoulder of Chen Yaoye, and his face was a sincere congratulations. Indeed, from that year on, the world belongs to the younger generation. But as a player, as Li Shishi, they are really willing to? Confused Li Shishi when focusing on the outcome, such as the Li Shishi, ushered in such an opponent Ke Jie, in addition to think of the young age of their own, more is to rekindle the fighting spirit. However, the dream of Lily cup cross century wars of ups and downs, Li Shishi still work not completed…… Then the agricultural heart cup contest, Li Shishi for the first time as the South Korean team will play the three game winning streak, but lost again in the decider in kija. The most terrible is not without hope, but hope, come near to find despair…… One of the big dig machine ares man-machine war defeated Li Shishi Li Shishi choked to apologize: "sorry, the machine was defeated by just Li Shishi, people have not lost!" At the end of third man-machine war Bureau Li Shishi and AlphaGo, Seoul’s Four Seasons Hotels site was filled with a sense of sadness, even if it is already proved the success of the AlphaGo team members face, almost can not see what smile. Come back, if Li Shishi lost 0 to 5, then what kind of situation, we can not imagine. Li Shishi won the next fourth games for the human race after the end of the entire Four Seasons Hotels, the entire Seoul, and even the whole world is boiling up. Although that step, one of God dug, after the study of AlphaGo if you go right, or Li Shishi to lose. But it is really used to stand on the issue of their own perspective and way of thinking, standing on the point of view of artificial intelligence, the hand might just be "machine ghost" can not think of a hand. One of the God of Li Shishi dig, AlphaGo triggered a miscalculation, behind and led to the AlphaGo algorithm on bug. Li Shishi’s victory let us really see the short artificial intelligence相关的主题文章: